How rare are you on animal jam?

There are so many rare jammers, but only a few REALLY rare jammers. Some have a youtube, some don't, some are member, some and nonmember. Some hide there rares, some leave them for all to see.

But are YOU a rare jammer? Take this quiz, and learn if you the top of the top in rarity, or new jammer wearing their necklace. Please note that if your answer isn't 100% accurate, its nothing to be taken personally.

Created by: Graci
  1. what do you have in your den?
  2. whats your aj style?
  3. whats your favorite pass time on animal jam?
  4. you see a person in jamaa township, shouting "WHOEVER SENDS ME BEST ITEM GETS HEADDRESS"
  5. do you watch animal jam youtubers? If you do, who?
  6. What was your first rare?
  7. How did you get your first rare?
  8. Have you met any famous jammers?
  9. Are you member or nonmember?
  10. Do you have a aj youtube channel?

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Quiz topic: How rare am I on animal jam?