If you were food, what would you be?

there are 4 possible outcomes, the hamburger being the rarest, and supposedly very odd yet fun! this quizz is my first, and so it may not be that great, but hey at least i tried!

i've tried adding a bit of humor and fun, i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed making it! the hamburger is supposedly the rarest and oddest! there are 3 other possible ressolts.

Created by: emma
  1. what is your favorite animal?
  2. are you afraid of any kinds of foods?
  3. what is your favorite food out of these?
  4. are you....
  5. and are you...
  6. what do you wish you had most?
  7. if you where a sack of ketchup, who would you consider a friend?
  8. if you were a glass of prune juice what would you say?
  9. if you were a puddle sorrounded by evil strawberries with only a gold fish as your friend what would you say?
  10. are you getting bored?
  11. do you like green pudding?
  12. if you saw a piece of moldy orange donut flaoting in your last cup of hot chocolate in the entire world you would...

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