Love and Suprises!? part 17

Hello and welcome to this installment of Love and Surprises!? THhs part will indefinitely contain lots of love and many big surprises!!!! So read on,and hope you enjoy.

Also in the result..that definition is from you everybody that takes Love and Surprises!? im sorry for taking so long to get these out!!

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Recap:read the other parts for a recap please!
  2. You were waiting and you saw a little winged person coming towards you on the balcony. "I deliver a message,from your sister." Said the messenger as he handed you a single envelope. "Farwell,i must leave now for i have other messages to deliver." Said the messenger readying his wings for flying. You opened the envelope slowly and looked back at liam and harry. You gulped and then slowly looked at the contents of the envelope..
  3. Inside was a note... Sister: Lets skip the formalities and further suffering. Lets battle to the death. The winner lives while the loser can never be revived ever again by any enchantment. If by chance you decide to decline your friends will pay. The rules are simple..whatever it takes to win. But the battle is only betwwn you and me,no backup help. If you accept this challenge i will meet you at dawn tomorrow for us to settle this dispute,once and for all. -Tori future heir to the throne of all places mystical. sister to the soon to be deceased katy. The most beautiful and exquisite. The brave and thoughtful and etc. etc.
  4. You rolled your eyes. Wow,your sister really had confidence in herself. But you felt that this battle couldnt be postponed much longer so no word that harry or liam said could change your mind. It was time to face your sister. And save your friends.
  5. You turned around and faced Liam and told them every detail of the letter. "You arent going to accept this right? I mean you cant.I care too much to see you be so reckless like this Katy." Said Liam,his voice strained. 'Me too.Are you sure you are ready!?" Said Harry. You hugged both of them. "I know you both care about me and trust me i care for both of you too.But i shouldnt be selfish or cowardly,i need to face my sister and help my friends! And although i may not be trained,i feel ready. All i need is your prayers that i succed." You said. Liam patted you on the head... "that was very well-said,i accept your choice." he said kissing you on the cheek.. "i know my have a boyfriend." he said. you blushed a little said "thank you." and turned to Harry. "so..i guess i have to accept your choice,but be cautious,love." Harry said giving you a long hug. He whispered in your ear.. "I know you love niall. But i hope you can forgive me someday for hurting you,i didnt want to or mean to. I love you,katy west. I always have and always will."
  6. "I forgive you Harry."You said. And you did forgive him..with all your heart and mind. You felt sick to your stomach though,after he mentioned that you were only in love with niall.You didnt have the slightest idea why.
  7. You asked for a little bit of some alone time to meditate. Liam and Harry left the room and talked to each other,hopefully bonding some more. "Katy,katy.Its your eyes." said Niall's voice. You opened your eyes and saw Niall. He was bruised up and had a long cut across one of his arms. It was niall though and you knew it for sure. Not a hologram or fake.
  8. You ran to him adn huggged him toghtly. You buried your face in his shoulder. 'niall,its really you.what have they done to you. I misssed you soo much!" you said. Niall huggede you back tightly. 'we are finally together.You did all this katy,all of it." he said. "Did what?" You asked then you looked around. All of you r friends were their as were zayn,lous,harry,and liam. "How did i?" You asked Niall. "You used your powers." Said Niall. "I missed you soo much Katy!" Niall said lifting you into the air,twirling you around and then kissing you softly on the lips.Ypu and him would ve kissed more..but the guys would ve been to jealous. You greeted all your friends with a big group hug! You felt knew you could win against your sister now.
  9. Dawn came. Niall kissed you on the lips for good luck and becasue he missed you.Your sister arrived,alone. "I forfeit,sister." She said shocking everybody. "Banish me,it hasnt been me doing all this evil all along i..was posessed at a very young age.Forgive me sister. Your spell kiled her and bought back your friends." She said. You touched her hand.She wasnt could sense it. "welcome back sister.I forgive you." You said and let her go free. She left with a smile of gratitude on her face. "Thank you." She said and left. The sun came out. You stayed out on the balcony..niall came and stood beside you.
  10. You turned to look at him. He was so perfect looking. The sunlight lit up his blonde hair and enhanced his smile. His eyes were comforting,with a hint of mystery. "are you feeling better?" You asked Niall. "yeah.I am." he said. "Do you love me?" asked niall. "Yes i do Niall." you replied. "Here is your setting you can pick whoever you want.Trust me..i ll have no hurt feelings." Said Niall his voice cracking. You looked at liam and harry and niall. (louis and zayn have girlfriends in the story now)
  11. "Take your time." Said niall. Niall and Harry left you and liam alone on the balcony."we each get a chance to tell you our feelings.Then let you decide." Said Liam..explaining to you because you obviously had a confuzzled look on your face.
  12. "thanks for clearing that up."You said. Cliffhanger!! Also for the nest part?parts.. do you want to have three seperate you have three seperate choices? Or do you all want to vote and pick the guy..katy (you) will end up with? Say in the comments!! Thanks to all my readers for all being soo patient!!!!!

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