Love and Suprises!? part 14

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Hello and welcome to the next installment of my series Love and Suprises!? Wow, we are already at 14 parts out! Im soo happy! This is a true honor to have fans that read my stories and comment on them!

I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for taking each new part when it comes out! I really feel very happy about all of you taking these even if it takes a week to have the next part out!

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Before we start Id like to apologize but i have some news. Unforunately it will now take a week for me to get a part out. School is soo demanding and im in advanced everything soo its even worse. In any case between hw and my healthy social life i think i wont be able to get parts out every other day like in the summer. But, i gurantee that there will be a new part every week or so. So dont stop reading these and check back for next parts!
  2. Recap: You have to read the other parts if you want a recap!
  3. You looked at Niall. "Tori is my sister! I never knew i had a sister my age. I mean there is my younger sister Mitchy and my older brother James but other then that no other siblings. Is my mom even my real mom?" You said. "No. Your mom and siblings are not related to you. Your 'mom' found you on the street and took you in as her own." Said Niall. YOu fell to the floor. "Tori is my sister." You said. "Yeah she kinda is. But,right now she has a big grudge.
  4. "Why?" You ask. "Well your parents picked you to be the main ruler of all the realms and i guess Tori was quite upseted by this. Your parents noticed the evil inside Tori from the day she was born. She once tried to light your crib on fire." Said Niall. Your eyes widened. You got up and hugged Niall. "Im scared. If she did that when she was really young. What will she do now?" You said.
  5. Niall hugged you back and then putg your forehead against his. "Katy, you ll always be safe with us. And no matter what happens... I love You. And ill love you forever." Said Niall in a low voice. You leaned in and kissed him. "I love you too,niall." You said in his ear. You heard a crash.
  6. "What was that?" You asked Niall. "I dont know "he said. You both looked at each other and rushed to find the source of the noise. You reached the living room and saw the glass was everywhere and that Harry was bleeding, badly. "Harry! What happened." You asked. "Dont worry bout me,love. I can heal quickly its a special ability. Tori came. Run Katy. Run." Said Harry. You grabbed Harry, "im not leaving you here. Come on" You said and healed him slightly with your powers. "What about the other guys?" You asked. "Tori has them. They are bait." Said Niall. "How do you know?" You asked him. "Because this isnt Niall." Said not Niall. "Its his body that I controlled. His heart is strong,but that wont last him much longer. Come to this point, with only one other person. Or your boyfriend and friends... Get it." Said not Niall handing you a map and showing you an image of Annabelle handcuffed. Then not Niall poofed away.
  7. You opened the map. You had two weeks You glanced at Harry who was beat up quite badly. And then reached a hand out to where Niall was standing a moment ago. Your heart hurt so much that you thought it would burst. All my friends,family and my bf. Tori was one sick sick sister.
  8. Harry grabbed your hand. "Dont be alarmed Katy. My time here is going to be shorter than anticiipated. Im dying,i feel it. You can do this. You are the rightful heir and you can save us all." Said Harry sitting down. He was bleeding far worse. A voice popped in your head, you can heal him. "No, your not leaving this easily. You scared me once already." You said and channeled your power to Harry. The wounds healed up! Harry shook his head. "Now youve weakened yourself. But,i must thank you Katy. You saved me again." Said Harry.
  9. You cracked a faint smile. "Look in the mirror Katy.. who do you see?" Said Harry. You looked and you felt stronger. You were more powerful looking and you felt confidence flow into you. "The future queen of all realms magical and mystical." You said with a smile. Harry smiled too... "Good."
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