Love and Suprises!? part 13

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Hello and welcome to part 13 of Love and Suprises!?. This part will leave you wanting more. More action, more love, more suprises. Which you ll get. If you havent taken parts 1-12 then please do so before taking this one, so you wont be confused.

This will not be a waste of your time. I worked really hard to get this out soo I hope you all like it and come for the next part which i will realease very soon. Thank you for waiting for this part to come out!

Created by: ILuvHolister

  1. Recap:Take the other parts to recap and sorry for the long wait. Too much homework lately!
  2. You reach the "house." You park the car, and just cry. 'why?" you ask the nothingness. "because love,everything isnt as it seems." said liam"s voice in your head. "great im delusional,depressed, and one of the most hated people on earth. Could this day get any worse." you said stepping out of the car and looking up at the clear sky. Then it started to rain. the rain came out of nowher. Just another weird occurence that day. you didnt believe very much in ghosts or the paranormal or anything you had never witnessed yourself for that matter.But, you had an ominous feeling that this series of events was leading to a huge unecpected climax.
  3. By now you are considerably soaked. You go inside and dry off. Niall walks inside. "Katy. I have something to tell you." says Niall. You turn to him with bloodshot eyes. "but, i wont tell ya until ya stop crying." Said Niall giving you a long kiss that warmed you right up. "why arent you sad?" You asked Niall rubbing your eyes. You saw white wings? Or was it a hallucination. "I think i need to sit down. Im pretty sure ive gone insane." You said. Niall grinned. "Katy,everything isnt as it seems." said Niall. You shook your head. "Enough riddles. You know what Liam said that exact sentence before he died. Why?" You said.
  4. without looking. you ran straight into the wall. You felt dizzy. You saw Niall and felt someone lift you up. Then it went black.
  5. The words echoed in your head... "Nothing is as it seems,everything is not as it seems." *dream* You turn around Liam's standing there. You run up and hug him. "liam. You are alive!" You say hugging him. "Well not really love. This is just a dream of yours. You ll wake up soon and ill be gone."
  6. You cry a bit. "No way. You are alive. Liam why did this have to happen?" You asked. Liam put his hand on your cheek and kissed your forehead. "you ll see soon. Everything will make sense. dont cry. This is not the end of me,love. dont worry i ll be back soon." Said Liam. You nodded and hugged him again. "why are you in my dream?" You asked him finally. His image flickered. "I dont have a lot of time. Remember Katy, I love you. Everything is nt as it seems." He said kissing you on the cheek and fading. You looked around your dream world. It felt surreal. You felt quite convinced, this was NOT normal.
  7. You felt sad and fell to your knees. The world around you turned black. Tori appeared, baring fangs. Literally she had fangs and was about to bite you. She came very very close. You couldnt move, you didnt dare. You were frozen in fear. "Not yet. Your next. Fear not young one. Your fated moment is almost upon you." whispered Tori in your ear. She scratched your neck, you felt blood. She smiled and walked away. You felt soo scared. You closed your eyes, and opened them again. You were in your room. Niall, and Harry were looking down at you in concern.
  8. "Am i alive? Or are we all dead?" You asked. Niall laughed. "We are all alive Katy." He said. "why did you have white wings?'' You asked Niall. "Well im special. We all are actually. Its our major secret. We are all paranormal beings and you are the fated chosen one." Said Niall. "Your joking,right?" You said standing up. "No, alhough,love. Why is your neck all scratched up?" Said Niall. You remembered the dream. Tori. "Tori,dream, liam, nothing is as it seems. " You blurt out. "i see." said Harry. Harry looked at niall and niall looked back and nodded. "Louis,Zayn." Called out Niall.
  9. Zayn was a black wolf with piercing blue eyes. Louis was his regular self. Harry seemed a tad bit pale. And Niall had white wings. "What are you?" You asked. "Wolf." Said Zayn. "Immortal." said Louis. "Angel." Said Niall. "Vampire." Said Harry. "and what am i?" You asked. "Your one of a kind." they said.
  10. You smiled. Wow, what a dream. 'wake up Katy. This must be a dream. This is like the movie incption. You ll wake up soon." You thought in your head. ou pinched yourself,closed your eyes and opened them. You were still there and so were the guys. 'Wow, this is real,huh." You said. "Yeah it is Katy. Go look at yourself." said Harry. The guys all left the room. You walked slowly to the mirror. One,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten. You counted your steps. You opened your eyes and looked in the mirror.
  11. You gasped. You had light brown hair that reached midway of your back. Blood red lips, slightly pale skin. You had eyes that were a beautiful shade of blue. You were wearing a flowing red dress. You were glowing. You closed your eys and rubbed them and when you opened them again you snapped your fingers. You were you again. Your blonde hair was to your shoulders, your eyes were bloodshot from crying. Your cheeks were slightly red. Your eyes were a regular blue. And you wer in jeans and a t shirt. Niall walked in. You are both people. Your Katy West, princess of everything paranormal.
  12. "Niall. Why am i princess?" You asked. "because you were chosen by the elders to rule us all. tori has a reason for hating you. after all she is your sister." said Niall. Your mouth dropped open. "no. Thats impossible." You said. "its true." said Niall

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