Love and Suprises!? part 8

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Hello and welcome to this eight installment of my one direction love story called.... Love and Suprsies!? Special thank you to those of you who take my quizzes and comment on them... It makes me feel really happy!

I hope you enjoyed this quiz. Come back for part 9 which I will hopefully have out ASAP. Dont forget to comment,rate, and share this quiz. If you have any requests please tell me in the cooments... Like ashbieber and due to that your request wasin fact put in this quiz. Also put who you love in the comments... Harry, Liam,Louis, or Niall?

Created by: amazon
  1. Recap: If u need a recap, just reread the other parts!
  2. So you walked around in search of Niall. He was no where to be found you only managed to find a depressed looking Liam. "Whats wrong, Liam?" You asked him. "My girlfriend and I. We... We broke up." He said. "Oh, im sorry to hear that." You said. "Its okay. There really werent any sparks anymore." He said. You then thought about your confused state, maybe Liam could help. "Liam, i have a bit of a problem. Sorry to bother you,but I need your advice." You said to him. "Its no bother Katy. Go ahead." He said. You told him about Zayn, and Louis, then about Harry and Niall and how you were looking for Niall. When you finished he stood there and pondered what you had said for a bit. Then he talked.. "Well its really up to you Katy. Follow where your heart leads. Try,experiment, it will help you tell if you really like that person. We DO have the rest of summer." Said Liam. "Thanks Liam. Thanks a bunch." You said and walked off. You could faintly hear him yell... "Your welcome. Anytime." But you continued walking anyway. (this paragraph is dedicatdd to ashbieber, thanks for your suggestion!)
  3. You then thought about all the guys. It was too quick to make a complete opinion out of them,but you knew that you should follow Liam's advice and experiment. You were going to go ask Niall to be your bf. You went to your room and found him there looking out the window and sighing deeply. He heard you and turned around. "Niall. Um.. if it isnt too late I was wondering..if maybe.. you want us to" You said. He moved in your direction. "Why wonder Katy? You know i'll say yes." Said Niall. He leaned in and kissed you on the lips. You kissed him back. You both sat in silence for a bit. "Soo... Well, i certainly didnt picture a 17th birthday like this one." You said. "Did you not enjoy it?" Said Niall concerned. "I did. It was different... In a completely good way." You said. You both then got up and decided you were going to tell the guys you were dating... Now. You both went downstairs hand in hand.
  4. Niall stopped the music and cleared his throat. "I have a announcement to say." He said shyly obviously frightened by the many people staring attentively at him. "Me and Katy. Well its offical.. shes my girlfriend and I couldnt be happier. She is the awesomest person I know. She is talented,funny,kind,witty,smart,romantic,and beautiful. And on her 17th birthday im proud to be her boyfriend." Said Niall. The entire room filled with claps and cheers of... "Kiss her already." So Niall did, in front of everybody and yes that means Harry,Zayn,Louis,and Liam. Liam seemed genuinely pleased that you followed his advice. Harry seemed irritated,but was trying desperately to hide it. Zayn had his head stooped and was probably scolding himself for messing up so horribly. Louis was, well being his regular self and was screaming just as loud (if not louder) than everyone else.You didnt know if this was the right thing,but at this point you wanted just to try it and see if you really loved Niall or if it was someone else you cared for more.
  5. Your party continued. You sang in front of everybody... "The fighter."by Gym Class Heroes. And everybody loved it. You even overheard many compliments like... Wow, outstanding,perfect, potentail,awesome, and epic. You felt really happy. This was by far one of the best birthdays youd had.
  6. You walked over to Annabelle. She didnt say anything just ran up and gave you a choking hug. When she let go you saw she looked really really happy. She told you something and you had well mixed emotions. She told you she was dating... "Zayn Malik." It came as shock to you given the fact that you knew he didnt really like her. You told her what you knew and she still looked happy. "He was just confused. Now he knows who he likes. And now im his girlfriend." She said. The words struck you as weird and out of any possible context. "Im dating Zayn Malik. And your dating Niall Horan. Isnt that awesome?"
  7. Just a week ago you wouldnt neccesarily have deemed it impossible to be dating niall horan,but you really doubted the possibility of it occuring. Amazingly enough now you thought to yourself... "This is totally normal. I mean similar things have happened before." You looked at Niall and all your doubts flooded away, now the true test began... Did u both really love each other?
  8. You looked over at Harry who was just shaking his head in disbelief. He turned and walked outside, alone. Not a single person noticed him at all, except you. Maybe it had been a dumb idea to date Niall when you werent sure of your feelings yet. Wait, why were you having second thoughts at all? Niall was a good guy and he had many qualities you adored so why did you care that Harry was upset. Was it because you still liked him or was it because you felt guilty. In anycase your legs moved by there own will and within moments you were outside. But,you didnt see Harry anywhere. You looked around and still couldnt find him. Then bad luck struck and it started to ran. You called out his name and you felt hands grip your mouth and pull you down. You felt really scared. Nobody had even noticed you going outside, and you couldnt scream with somebodies hand over your mouth.
  9. "Shh.Its okay Katy its just me." Said a voice. And whoever it was let go of you. You turned around and saw Liam. "What did you do that for?" You asked him. "Well, i now my friend Hazza. Let him be so that he can get his anger out by himself or he may unintentionally do something he ll regret." Said Liam. "Plus dont you think Niall would be really sad if he found out that you went looking for Harry... Alone." Continued Liam. You nodded your head and shivered. The ran was pouring in sheets now. You had to admit Liam looked really different with wet hair, almost his age. "Come on Katy. Lets go." Said Liam putting his jacket on you. "But...." You tried to say. "No buts. Hazza will be fine and so will you Katy." Said Liam giving you a reassuring hug. It made you feel really warm inside eventhough you both were totally soaked in the rain. You shrugged off the thought... "we are just friends."you repeated in your head. You both walked and walked and walked until you reached the house again. When you got inside everyone from the party was gone. Niall ran up and hugged you... "Katy youve been gone for an hour and a half. Im soo glad your back here and safe.Thanks Liam for the help.". Liam looked at you then at Niall... "No problem." He said. You noticed that Zayn and Harry were both not there. "They needed to settles things. Dont worry they ll be fine." Said Louis placing a dry blanket over you. "Go dry off baby. I ll be waiting for you down here." Said Niall kissing you on the cheek. "Kay Niall." You said giving him a small kiss back. You went upstairs to your room and dryed off. You knew Zayn and Harry would hurt themselves but you also knew not to ever get in the middle of two guys fighting.
  10. You went downstairs with headphones in your ears. You were listening to "Secrets" by one republic. You ran into Louis on the stairs. You took the headphones off. "You know we probably cant go to the cinema alone together cuz your dating Niall,but doesnt mean we cant have alittle bit of childish fun. Lets slide down the banister." Louis said. (The banister is the railing of the very long stairs.) "Sure." You said. Louis went first with you not far behind him. When you reached the bottom you slipped and fell. But you didnt feel any pain.. Louis had caught you in his arms. His face for once concerned and really close to yours he leaned in about to kiss you when you told him... "Stop." He backed away a little. "Thanks for the fun and the help but you shouldnt kiss your friends girlfriend." You said to him. "Your right,im sorry. It was just impulse. My bad." He said. You gave him a small hug... "Your forgiven Louis. Your like a really close friend and i wouldnt want to lose you because im dating your friend." You said. "You dont get it do you? Imagine this... The guy you like is dating Annabelle. You thought you had a coonnection with him,but apparently you didnt because he chose someone else.. You are happy for them,but your also jealous and when be calls you just a close friend, it really hurts but it hurts more to see them together every day acting all lovey dovey and knowing you should do the right thing and put their happiness before yours. Do you get kinda what im going through now,Love?" Said Louis. "Yes, and im sorry,but my choice is my choice and if i hurt those around me then im really sorry." You said. "Its fine. I have to be more like a friend. I should be more supportive of you and Niall." Said Louis with a grin and walked away.
  11. You had a lot of confusing moments. But right now you figured just to let fate play out. Right now you were with Niall, and that meant you being a loyal girlfriend. So all thoughts of liking other people should temporarily stop. You looked out at the pouring rain and hoped with all your heart that Harry AND Zayn were okay. You thought of Annabelle's desision to date Zayn and decided to be like Louis and support it fully. You walked into the living room.. Niall was on the phone. He got off the phone with a grim look on his face. "Harry, Zayn." He managed to get out. "They are in the hospital." Niall continued. You were shocked. You and Niall looked at each other then got ready to go drive to the hospital. "Will they be okay, Niall?" You said. "Hopefully yes." Said Niall reassuringly,but he himself was scared to find out.
  12. Louis got in the rear seat by himself and insisted on going with you and Niall to the hospital. You felt guilty and everyone could sense it.. especially Niall. He looked at you and said .. "Katy it is NOT your fault." Louis nodded his head in agreement. Liam was fast asleep in his room unaware of the situation,but since you didnt want to lose time.. you decided to leave him be and just put a note on the door for him to read.
  13. Cliffhanger!!!! Who do you love?

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