Cirque du freak love story part 2

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Hello and welcome to the scond installment of my series... Cirque du Freak Love Story. I hope you liked this part because I made it full of adventure and drama.

Thanks once agai n for taking my quizzes and series' I will have part 12 out for Love!!!!,which is a paranormal love story Soon. Part 7 out for Love and Suprises!?, which is a one direction love story and i alreday have completed my other two short series... The Mysterious Forest and L.O.V.E Please take all my quizzes!

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Recap: So your name is_______. And your 15. You go to a regular school and have regular friends. Until you meet a mysterious guy named Eli. He befriends you and shows you the cirque du freak. Which is the worlds best moving freakshow. You meet Darren Shan and Trey. Darren Shan hints at needing another assistant to keep Eli company. Eli takes you home.
  2. You get home and see your mom and dad waiting for you in the living room. It was still around ten which was still within your curfew. Your let bro tommy is watchin some kind of skateboarding show. "hello." You say to your mom and dad. "Go to your room,now. Where were you?" They said. Your rebellious persona kicked in... "Well, pick one or the other. I cant tell you where i was if i have to go to my room now." You said, smirked and went upstairs to your room and closed the door. You felt hungry and thirsty and chilly. You saw the window was open and that there was a note. You closed the window and looked at the note. It was written in ink and had a classy look to it. This is what it said.... Dear ______ ________, I sincerely hope you enjoyed the show. I was observing your reactions throughout. Ive actually had you in my zights for a while now. Ive been in the shadows watching silently. No im not a stalker or some weird crazy person,but here is something you might think is crazy. Nobody in the cirque is preforming tricks everything they are doing is real. I want you therefore to be my assistant. It would require you to travel with the cirque and never see anyone you know again. After reading I suggest you burn this note. Please consider my offer... There are many hidden perks to it which I will reveal at a later time. For now, enjoy your last day with your family and cherish your time with your friends. Eli will tell you everything you need to know. Patiently Yours, Darren Shan
  3. You thought about your life and not that it This would be the adventure of a lifetime with as mr.shan had put it... "perks" You then thought about your family and friends. You knew they loved you and cared about you,but amazingly enough right then and there you decided you would join Eli and Mr.Shan.
  4. You fell asleep dreaming of all the adventures and mysteries that awaited you. You loved your family,but they were always too busy for you. One qusetion echoed in your head.... Why me? Why does he want me as an assiatant?
  5. You woke up the next day in good humor. You opened the blinds and felt energizing sunshine. You put on a nice outfit and went downstairs. You saw your mom and tommy looking sullenly at their breakfast. Where was dad? "Mom, wheres dad?" You asked. "Honey, i dont know. He is gone. He said he is never comng back." She said. "What happened?" I asked. "We argued,he left." She said. "Oh." Was all you could muster up the strength to say. "Maybe i shouldnt join the cirque." You said in your head. You ate breakfast and did the rest of your morning routine. You grabbed your backpack and headed to the bus which wasnt there yet. You waited and then it came. "Mornin, Mr.James." you said Cheerily. "Mornin, _____.Take a seat." He said a bit less gruffly then usual. You saw Eli and he waved you over. "Sh**, does he want to get us noticed?" You said in your head. You went and sat down next to him. He smiled and said good morning. You both talked in low whispers about the cirque. He said that you should join, it will be better for your family in the long run. You agreed. When the bus stopped at a red light you noticed one how close you were to Eli and two that you were holding hands. You saw everybody staring at you,but you didnt care. When the bus stopped Eli got off followed by you and then Mark who had a broken nose and a black eye. "Sorry about breaking up with you like that." He said. "Uh huh. Okay then, bye." You said. He stopped you. "Theres no Eli or Darren Shan to protect you now chosen one." He pulled you into a closet. You noticed this immediately and kicked him in the balls. You then promptly ran. You ran into....
  6. It was Trey. He quickly mtioned for you to be quiet and follow him. "Why should I trust you?" You asked him. "Because you have no choice."He replied. You thought about your options. Yup, go with Trey had a better chance of survival then go back to being kidnapped by Mark who you noticed had red eyes now. On the way you saw eli you tapped him on the shoulder and he got the message.... Help. He and Trey got to a car and stopped. You realized you still couldnt drive. But apparently trey and eli could! Trey took the wheel and eli sat down next to you in the back. "Why did he do that?" You asked. "He is evil and your not safe alone anymore... Mr.Shan needs to turn you." Said Trey.
  7. "Turn me into what?" You asked. Eli took your hand and gave it a squeeze. "A vampire. Like me." He said. You felt shocked,but not scared. A vampire. Now wasnt that something. "Dont vampires burn in sunlight?" You asked. "No, we only tan quicker than humans. But with sunscreen the sun is harmless." He replied. "What about fangs?" You asked. "No fangs. Just strong nails." He said. "Do we live forever?" You asked. "No... But pretty close to that." He replied. "Anymore questions?" Asked Eli. "No, i think im good." You replied. You saw Trey was very tense all of a sudden. Hmmm, but why?
  8. "Where are we going?" You asked. "The cirque." Trey replied. You all fell silent. Trey turned on the radio... It was Everybody Talks by Neon Trees. You all sang along and had a pretty good time. You reached the cirque after a little bit. You all got out of the car and went inside.
  9. You saw Trey go a seperate direction. You and Eli continued anyway and finally reached Mr.Shan. Eli explained to him what had happened and Mr.Shan looked shocked."Are you ready to leave your life behind?" He asked. "Yes." You replied. He dug his nails into your fingertips. After a while he stopped and put a bit of saliva on each fingertip to stop the bleeding. "How do you feel?" He asked. "Powerful." You replied. You looked at Eli and he looked really happy that you looked his way. "Alright,ill leave you two alone now." Said Mr.Shan winking. Eli blushed even in the dim light you could see his blush. "So we are both vampires now." You said. "Yup " he replied. "Do I get a cool wardrobe change?" You asked. "Not normally,but for you ill make an exception lets go shopping." He said. You smiled and nodded. That was the first time you d ever seen a guy soo happy about going shopping....ever!
  10. You go outside and feel soo powerful. "We arent evil." Said Eli. "We use our abilities for good." He continued. You nodded in agreement. You had whether you liked it or not started on the adventure of a lifetime.
  11. You thought about your family. "We will erase memory of you from their heads." Eli said. You shrugged. "Okay,but I want to keep some pictures." You replied. You both started running and got in front of your house. Eli was in and out of your house really fast. In his hands was a bag filled with stuff like your diary and your photos. He told you to wait and he ran back to the cirque and dropped the stuff off. "did you read anything?" You asked him. Remembering what you had written about Eli and Trey that was a bit embarassing. "No, and i wont unless you tell me too." He said. "Okay." You replied.
  12. Cliffhanger! Comment rate and share. Eli or Trey?

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