New love story: part 3

This is part 3 of the new love story quiz!!!!!!!! I'm so sorrrry it took soooooo long!!! I have been really busy lately. Anyways I hope you like it!

I might be thinking about ending this series so let me know If you like it. It's just not quite popular enough!

Created by: Sparkles6
  1. Day two of school in Wisconsin! You think your day went pretty good yesterday. Today you have basketball practice with Andrew after school.
  2. You actually got to school on time today! You headed straight to science. When you got there, you saw Noah sitting in the back with your empty desk next to him. You needed to talk to him ASAP about johns secret before class started! You speed walked over to your desk. "hey,Noah, will u tell me now?" he looked at you confused. "tell u what?" you sighed, how could he forget? "about johns secret!!" you said. "oh that, well John was here part of last year and he was homeschooled the rest of the year." "why was he homeschooled?" you asked. " well, idk if it's true or not, but I heard, he left a note on the bus saying that tomorrow he would be dead. So I guess that means he was going to..." he never got to finish his sentence us the teacher started class. You knew what he meant though, John was going to try to kill himself. You really needed to talk to John.
  3. Next was Spanish class. You never got a chance to talk to John becuz of the assigned seats. You knew you needed to talk to him in private. You wrote a note saying, "hi John, do you mind if we talk? Let's meet next to the football field after school. Hope you can make it, " Alicia On the way out the door to gym, you dropped it at his desk. He looked at you suspiciously and put the note in his pocket.
  4. You have to go play basketball now. You catch up to Andrew and walk to the gym together." hey, Alicia," he says, "u still up for basketball after school?" you smack your head. Shoot! You were supposed to meet up with John after school. You say, "sure Andrew, I will be a little late though, I will be there as fast as I can ." he nods and says, "that's alright, I need to warm up anyways, you're going to bring some intense competition." you smile and respond, "bring it on" . Phy Ed goes slowly, because you have your mind on your after school activities. What will you say to John? Will you fail at basketball with Andrew? your next class is history, you hurry there and take your seat.
  5. Abby asks you what u r doing after school. You tell her u will be practicing basketball with Andrew. You decided not to tell her about John. She smiles and says, "so you already have a date with one of the most popular guys in school. Lucky.." you were about to tell her it wasn't a date but she interrupted, " are you trying to tell me your going to actually try to improve at basketball? I have eyes u know, I can see Andrew staring at you." your eyes widen, was it true? Did Andrew like u?
  6. Lunch time! You sit by Abby and Rochelle from your English. U notice Andrew sits near you with some jocks, Noah is in that group too, with Lexi. Tommy is sitting at the detention table blowing his straw wrapper at people. Caleb is nowhere to be seen and John is sitting by himself again.
  7. English class:( you sit behind tommy again, and the teacher announces he will be assessing your spelling progress. He said it will not count, just for his information. He says he will pair you all off in groups and that everyone will pick a card to see who their partner is. He goes through the back row and they all pick a card. He comes up to your row and you pick the joker card. He goes up to the front row and they all pick a card. Everyone starts to pair off, you just sat there until u heard someone call, "who has the joker? I need a partner!" you follow the voice and it leads you to Tommy's desk.
  8. Whether this makes u happy or not, he's your partner. " hey, you must be the new girl! What's your name again?" you answer, " Alicia" he smiles, "a hot name for a hot chick!" you blush and he continues, "I bet your from Tennessee, cuz you're the only ten I see!" you smile and blush again. "actually, I'm from new jersey." he pauses and thinks for a little bit. Finally he says, "we'll then, um, you'd look good in my new football jersey?" you both laugh at that lame comeback.
  9. You ace your spelling test, but tommy doesn't do so good. He got 8 out of 15 wrong. He looks sad when he sees his score. Ou look at him and can't help but say, "if you want, I can help you study for our spelling test tomorrow after school" his face brightens and he says, "sure!" just then the bell rings and you have to get to reading. Tommy scribbles something on a piece of paper and hands it to you. It was his phone number.
  10. Reading class next! You all got assigned seats, and we're placed at different tables. Your teacher talked about book reports and how crucial they were to your grading. You noticed johns eyes kept darting over in your direction he probably wanted to know the reason for the note.
  11. Whew! Only one class left, band. You walked in and immediately felt eyes on you. You looked up and saw Caleb staring with his caring chocolate brown eyes. You both smiled shyly as you took your seat. Throughout the whole class, you could feel his eyes looking at you. The back of your head burned. What was this feeling!?
  12. *rriinngg!!* the final bell for school finally rung. Time to meet John! You haven't actually had time to think about what you were going to talk about only that he needed a friend. You ran out to the football field but John wasn't there. You waited for 10 more minutes but decided John was a no-show. You ran off to your basketball scrimmage with Andrew.
  13. Andrew was didn't see you coming, he was with another guy shooting hoops. You don't remember seeing that guy before. Even you had to admit, Andrew looked hot. He was in a tank top showing his defined arm muscles. He was all sweaty, but fore some reason that made him even more hot. You ran over to join them. "hey Andrew" you said. He turned his head. "oh, hey Alicia," he said. "I want you to meet my friend, dylon." Dylon said hey and went back to shooting hoops. He wasn't very friendly, and personally, you didn't think he was very cute either. "he's in 9th grade, that's why you probably haven't seen him" Andrew explained. Then you took the ball from Andrew and started dribbling it. He smiled, and took it away from you and ran and did a lay up. You could tell he was showing off. You started a game. It was you and Andrew versus the end, you and Andrew had won!! Andrew gave you a high five and a quick hug. He then looked embarrassed about it. You smiled and laughed, even though you weren't sure how you felt about it. You then walked home with a ton on your mind.

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