A Doctor Who Love Story Part 8

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So there's gonna be a contest for any interested there will be more details in the next quiz. Yeah, I had to take the Master off the results so now you guys get to make one to replace him!

Will you get the man (or alien) of your dreams? Or will you get lost to the currents of time? Take "A Doctor Who Love Story Part 8" to find out which character you were meant to be with!

Created by: Bookworm123

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  1. A few days have passed since you first got to 1969, and ever since it's been pretty tense between you and Martha.Martha keeps looking at you like you have some sort of disease, and the Doctor isn't helping. Why did this have to happen to you? Why couldn't some other poor soul be born half Time Lord? And why does Martha hate you? At least you had an answer for the last one. She hates you because you're her replacement and she doesn't even know why she needs replacing. Ugh, time HAD to go and be wibbley instead of linear. The universe just HAD to make more than one species reside in outer space. Everything just HAD to happen to get you where you are now. At this point you're pretty much just blaming everyone but yourself. The Doctor COULDN'T just leave you on Earth, your mom just HAD to fall in love with an alien, a time-storm HAD to pick you up and place you in the Master's time stream, et cetera.
  2. The Doctor sits down next to you. "Hey. How does 1969 tickle your fancy?" he asks. His old-fashioned sayings every now and then makes you smile. "Not bad, but I miss 2007. Wow, I never thought I'd say that. Let me rephrase that: I miss my friends that are all stuck in 2007," you say, chuckling. "Well, I can drop you off there if you want. Or, you know, we could go visit Viliploose Three. I hear it's lovely this time of year!" You look at him. He must really want you to stay. "Sorry, but I would only feel guilty. Say, what do you know about Time Storms?" you ask. He shrugs. "Well, if you get caught in one you can go to a time or event that had been erased, an alternate dimension, or even someplace fictional like Hogwarts. The trouble is, it can be quite a pickle to get back to where you belong, TARDIS or not," he said grimly. You nod. "And what if I told you that, in the future, we got caught in one and came to a version of 2007 that had been erased. How would we get back?" You must have said something, because the Doctor facepalmed. "How much has future me told you about paradoxes? If you knew the day you were to die, you would flip out. Try to prevent it. That is why no one is supposed to be told what their future holds for them, especially someone who lives outside of time like me!" he shouts. You cringe at the volume of his voice.
  3. "I just... wanted to know. That's all." You run off to who knows where. Honestly, anywhere would be better than there. You stop sprinting when you reach a park. There are so many people just sitting on benches, enjoying the sunset. As you meander through the park, a particular couple stands out to you. The man has brown hair and soft, hazel eyes. The woman... She has the most gorgeous honey brown hair, paired with brilliant green eyes. Where have you seen them before... You see a silver locket dangling from the girl's neck. Quietly, you hide behind a tree and listen. "Oh, Professor, this is wonderful!" the girl exclaims. "I thought you would appreciate it, Hana. Um, I have something I wanted to ask you," the Professor says shyly. A rustle in the grass tells you he shifted. "Hana, will you marry me?" The girl squeals. "YESYESYESYESYESYES A MILLION TIMES YEEEEEEEEEEES!"
  4. You pull out your phone and take a picture of the girl jumping up and down. Then you pull out the locket from your dad. On the front is a worn out engraving that says "For my Flower". Being older and far smarter than you were when he gave it to you, you know that "Hana" is Japanese for flower. You open it and look at the picture. Its the same picture you just took with your phone! That meant that... the Professor was dad and Hana was mom. You run up to the couple right before they leave. Your mom is even more beautiful in person. Her hair is exactly like honey right from the hive and her eyes are like two emeralds. "Hey, you probably don't know me yet, but can I have a picture?" I ask. She looks at your dad and nods. I pull out my phone and snap the perfect picture. Then I hand my dad the phone. "Be sure to give your daughter the picture of your wife I just took and put the other one of you two in her locket," I say. He smiles. "Come with me and I'll give it to you right now," he says. Darn, you got caught.
  5. He seems to notice your reaction, because he chuckles. "Hana, meet our future daughter." Mom looks at you. "You look like your grandmother," she says after a moment of silence. She grabs your hand. "Am I a good mother?" You feel your eyes water, then you smile. "The best there is. You told me bedtime stories, fix me up when I get hurt, you are always there for me. When I feel lost, you help me make the right decision. And on my birthday you always make me a honey-cake, my favorite. I might blame you for some things in the future, but I just want you to know that no matter how mad I get, I love you Mom." Now the tears are falling nonstop. You run up to her and hug her tightly. She squeezes you and looks you in the eye. "I love you too," she whispers. Finally, she kisses you on the forehead. Your dad hands you a picture frame and they leave, hand in hand.
  6. You look at the picture. Your mom smiles up at you. Silently, you walk away, clutching the picture to your chest and crying your eyes out.
  7. (Past Doctor's P.O.V.) I wandered the streets, looking for ____. It was getting dark out, and I needed to apologize for yelling at her. Across the street, I spotted her walking from the park. I was about to shout when I looked closely at her face. Was she crying? Darn, she was! She looked up and saw me. "Sorry, I shouldn't have-" I started, but before I could finish, she sprinted across the street and hugged me. "Thank you so much. If you hadn't yelled, I never would have met her," she said. She never did tell me who she met, and I never asked.
  8. (Your P.O.V.) You grab the Doctor's hand and walk with him to the apartment he and Martha had rented. Thank goodness he didn't ask any questions. He would probably yell at you again for disregarding the whole "crossing time streams" rule. You look at the picture again, wishing you had more time. Would she realize you were lying, or would she always live in hope of becoming a good mother? The tears start falling again. You remember visiting her grave when you were four. "Daddy, why did they bury Mommy? She just fell asleep, right? You said she wasn't dead!" He chucked. "She's still alive, princess. She's just dreaming about her life up to the point where she fell asleep. And one day you can go in my shed and meet her." You open the frame and take out the picture. On the back is a letter.
  9. "Dear ____, You broke Time Lord law to visit your mother, so obviously she is dead. What you told her was very kind, princess. Treasure the moment you got to spend with her, and don't let hundreds of years of other memories cloud it. Oh, and Hana loves you very much. She always will. XOXO, Dad"
  10. Hola! Did you like that? I was watching anime and there was a sad moment that made me feel like writing a sad moment. Of course, I balled when I saw it and I only teared up while writing this. Probably because all my tears were spent over Maes Hughes... Agh, TOO MUCH CRYING!!! Anywho, I'm gonna have a contest! Check out my next quiz for more deets, peopolas. Till then, "DFTBA!!!"

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