A Doctor Who Love Story

So I have seen a lot of these quizzes going around, but no one has thought of making one for Doctor Who! It really bums me out. I have taken matters into my own hands and tried my best to capture the essence of the best science fiction television show and put a new spin on it!

Your name is represented by ___. When you see these **, then it is me talking. You live in wherever the heck you want. You're an orphan and always have been for as long as you can remember. I can't recall if there was something else I wanted to say, so I hope you all can speak French. Allonsy!

Created by: Maddie McIntosh
  1. You ran. And ran. And ran. Would you never stop? Would no one come to save you? It escaped you what was chasing you, but fear kept you going. And going. And going. Finally, you tripped and the beast caught up to you. Right as it prepared to slash out your heart, you heard a cry of "Allonsy!" You wake up.
  2. You rub your eyes. What a dream! You look at the clock and realize you will be late! You go to get dressed and wear...
  3. You run to school. You make it in time, but barely. There's an open seat next to Sam Turner, your best guy friend, so you take it. He has been your best friend since you were five, and he could tell if anything was wrong. "You okay?" he asks. You stare into his inquisitive chocolate brown eyes. "Yeah, I'm fine," you answer. "Ya sure?" You feel your eyes roll of their own will. "Yes, I just had this weird dream. It's nothing really..." you're voice begins to trail off at "really". Your mind begins to drift... "Hey, ___? Hello? Earth to ___! Snap out of it!" Sam punches your arm playfully. "Ouch! Watch it, Sam!" you respond. "Had to take action," he defended, "The bell had rung for next period and you were still sitting in a daze!" You stop walking. "Was I? That's becoming more and more frequent. Maybe I should see someone. A doctor, perhaps..." you begin to trail off again. "___, if you don't stop doin' that, I'm callin' the principal!" Sam warned. You look at him. "Alright, alright. Anywho, we should get moving before the late bell rings," you answer. He nods. "See ya!" he yells as he leaves you at your next class. You sit down and think about...
  4. The bell rings and you go to your next class. Either the time is going far too slow or the time is going far too fast, you can't decide which. You sit through two more classes and then it is finally time for lunch. You head over to the tables and notice Sam's blonde hair. You go to sit with him when you realize that he is with a group of new students. He sees you before you can avoid him and motions for you to sit beside him, so you do. "Hey, have you met the new teacher? He is the BEST science teacher you will ever have! He's brilliant! Gives you a run for your money, for sure," Sam says. "We'll see about that! I'll probably correct him within the first five minutes!" You brag. "___, he is even more of a nutcase than you! He has all these trumped up theories of how a big fat science revolution will take hold of the country in 2059! 2059! Can you believe that?" he challenged. "Seems like we're gonna have some fun come science class..." you mutter. Unfortunately, science was your last class in the day. You would have to sit through one more class and a lunch before meeting this new teacher. Sam continues to talk and introduces you to the new students, but you don't really pay attention. When he asks a question you nod and smile, and when he asks you your opinion you say "Do you really want to know?" You know for a fact that the moments leading up to science will be the longest of your life.
  5. You finally arrive in science, but it isn't at all like you expected. In fact, it has been cancelled. Since you have nothing to do, you walk home. "Hey, ___!" you hear someone call. When you turn, a man is conversing with a woman. "Are you really that dumb?" you hear the man say. "Yes, I am. She ought to know, Sir. She'll be in big trouble if she doesn't," the woman answers. "We all will be if she is any smarter than you. That would make you dumber than you were!" he taunts. "I had no clue you of all people knew how to taunt," she attacked. You walk towards them. "Excuse me, but are you talking about me?" you ask them. They look at each other and the woman speaks. "No, we were talking about someone else. Let me save you some time: get out of here. Don't ask any questions, just go home and forget you ever saw us." You look at them suspiciously. The man notes your expression and shows you a blank piece of paper. "We're with the government," he tells you. Now you are freaked out. "Ummm, okay. I'm going home now," you say and you run.
  6. You decide to consult Sam. He picks up after two rings. "Sam Turner, twenty-four-seven help services. How may I help you?" he answers. "Well, there was a guy who must have thought his blank piece of paper looked like a police badge or something. Oh, and he talked about me as if I was a disease, something that needs to be treated properly." He sighs on the other end. "Listen, stay away from this guy. He's just a load of trouble." Sam hangs up. Who is this man? Why was he talking about you? What did Sam mean by a 'load of trouble'? Your mind begins to drift in that all so familiar way. Soon you find yourself running again. This time, you are running from a man. He has a crazed look in his eyes that make you wish to freeze in your tracks, but you push on. He laughs in such a manner that sends chills down your back. "Don't stop!" It was that man from earlier. You woke up screaming, the laugh still ringing in your ears.
  7. You look out your bedroom window. Its still dark out. You decide to go get a midnight snack. By the time you reach the fridge, however, it appears to be noon outside. "That's odd," you mumble to yourself. As you get the snack, you notice that the power is out. "Oh boy." If the power is out, then the perishables will perish. Not really rocket science. You grab items such as milk, eggs, meat, etc. and shove them in the freezer, hoping they will stay cool long enough for the power to come back on. Eventually, you get some crackers and plop down on your couch.You are about to turn on the television when you remember that the power is out. A moan escapes your lips. No television, no electronics- just books and, if need be, candles. Hopefully it won't come down to that. You decide to read a book. You choose...
  8. You begin to read and munch on crackers. After about an hour the power comes back on. You return to the fridge and place the food that was moved to the freezer back in its rightful place. You were enjoying whatever you were reading so you return to that. By the time you are done, it is time for dinner. Your phone begins to ring. "Hello?" you ask. "Meet me at the park next to your house at midnight exactly. Bring things you might need for travel. If you don't come, so be it. Just know that your not coming will ensure that days like today will happen again. Next time, it will be worse. Strange things are happening ___, and you are a key part in all of this. Just remember: Midnight, park, travel." the voice on the opposite end hung up. "Good riddance," you say.
  9. You wonder whether you should go. It is a tough choice, deciding whether strange would be better than kidnapped. He did say it would get worse. Perhaps you should go, just to hear this guy out. Yeah, that's what you'd do. It is decided, and you eat your dinner with the peace of mind that one only gets once their mind is made. You sit and watch some television to pass the time. Apparently, what had happened to you had happened worldwide according to the local news. You change the channel. News is horrific stuff, what with the terrible stories about kidnappings and murders. It seems like the news always has some dreadful story up their sleeves. After a half an hour, you pack a small backpack with a few necessities and your journal. Before you know it, it is almost midnight. You zip up your coat. "Here goes nothing," you say quietly to yourself.
  10. So that's it for part 1! I am so sorry, I wanted to make this longer. Unfortunately, I kinda have a lot going on and that was just SUCH a good cliffhanger, don't you think? So who is this mystery man? What the heck is going on? I will try so hard to make the next part better (and faster). I promise! Rate and comment please!

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