Are YOU a true Who fan?

There are many people that consider themselves "a real Doctor Who fan." But just how sharp is your knowledge of the Doctor Who universe? This in-depth trivia quiz spans the commons and not-so-commons of the entire Doctor Who series. Bear in mind these questions are not simplistic in nature, and do not address common knowledge. All questions are multiple choice, but only one correct answer. Test your Time Lord brainpower.

Are YOU a TRUE Doctor Who fan? The question has been a topic of discussion, argument, and speculation since the beginning of the series. This quiz puts self-titled "fans" to the test by probing the deepest, darkest corners of their Doctor Who knowledge to determine if they are worthy of the title "TRUE Doctor Who fan!"

Created by: Ethan
  1. Which obsolete model was The Doctor's TARDIS?
  2. On which planet are the Daleks native to?
  3. How was the name "Dalek" coined?
  4. The Doctor's TARDIS always looks like a 1950s Police Box because -
  5. On which planet to the Time Lords originate?
  6. The original Cybermen came from...
  7. Soon after our solar system was formed, Mondas was...
  8. The Sontarans have been in a perpetual war with which species?
  9. In the "The Empty Child," Captain Jack Harkness first believes the Doctor and Rose to be...
  10. What renegade Time Lord tricked the Doctor into believing he/she was his current companion?
  11. According to the 5th Doctor in "Time Crash," the interior of the TARDIS can be altered by...
  12. The 3rd Doctor's car was called...
  13. Which episode marked the first appearance of the Cybermen?
  14. What mineral is lethal to Cybermen, and feared by them?
  15. What large asteroid was referred to as "the planet of gold?"
  16. "Spearhead from Space" introduced us to which new foe?
  17. What year did Doctor Who first air?
  18. Due to regeneration, David Tennant is the Doctor's ________ incarnation.
  19. The 11th Doctor will be portrayed by which actor?
  20. Who is responsible for composing the original Doctor Who theme?
  21. At the turn of 1980, the opening/closing title sequences changed from slit-screen vortex to..
  22. On Gallifrey as a young adult, who was The Doctor's mentor?
  23. In "Silence In the Library," we learned about which species that lives in the shadows?
  24. According to River Song, the Doctor can open his TARDIS doors by...
  25. The Doctor warns that if you see a weeping angel, whatever you do, don't...
  26. In "Timelash," the Doctor encounters a famous author well-known for writing the book "The Time Machine." Who was he?
  27. Which of these actors portrayed the first Doctor?
  28. The planet Logopolis is known as a world inhabited by nothing but...
  29. Which of the following is true for the 8th Doctor?
  30. Who created Doctor Who?

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