Do you know Amy Pond?

Some people think they know everything, but few people DO know everything. Do you know everything? Well, find out by taking the "Do you know Amy Pond?" quiz! Just skip this part and go to the bloody quiz. Shoo!

This quiz is about Amelia Pond from the hit BBC show Doctor Who. From Terry Nation creating the Daleks, to Nicholas Briggs voicing the Daleks, Cybermen and Slitheen, to Peter Capaldi playing the 12th Doctor (or 13th if you count John Hurt), to Elisabeth Sladen playing Sarah-Jane Smith, Doctor Who is one of the best shows in the universe! Enjoy!

Created by: pickles123

  1. What is her middle name?
  2. Who is she married to?
  3. How old was Amelia when she first met the Doctor?
  4. How did Amy leave the Doctor?
  5. Why did Amelia go through so many psychiatrists?
  6. What did Amy call her pet Handbot in The Girl Who Waited?
  7. What did Amy name her child?
  8. Where is she from?
  9. What is her hair colour?
  10. Which episode did she have a fight with her husband?
  11. Who is the actress that plays the adult Amy Pond?
  12. Who plays the young Amelia Pond?
  13. In what year did Amelia make her first appearance?
  14. Who took Amy's baby away?

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