Across the pond-Part 3

Ivoryleaff, please tell me if your prodiction was correct. Thanks for reading and hoped you enjoyed this long part of the series. See ya laters. Ice cream, sode, pizza, cheese, milk, butter, cows, goats,, horns, unicorns, pegasus.

Skip this. Skip this. Skip this. Skip this. Skip this. Skip this. Skip this. Owwie, my hand hurts now. Go away pain, go away. Byeee peoples. Flip flops. Beach, Starships. Stars, sky. Blue, ew, red, yes.

Created by: Carrotop
  1. Sorry for the wait, and I promise to make this one longer.
  2. Let's start. I walked in his room, the smell was makong my eyes water badly. I blinked a couple times and tried to clear out my eyes.
  3. "Dad, time to wake up," I said, shaking him. I shook him once more, turning him on his back. His eyes where open but they were rolled back into his head. "Dad!" I screamed, tears already onn my face.
  4. I rushed downstairs and grabbed the phone. My hand was shaking as I dialled '911'. "Hello, your emergency?" asked the operator. "M-my dad, he's dead. He's in the bed a-and he's go-o-one." "Calm down sweetie, how old are you?" The operator asked. "Sixteen," I replied. "What's your address?" The operator asked. " 1234 Friendship lane." "Help is on the way." The operator said. "Thanks," I replied still crying. "What's your name?" He asked. " Anne Tai," I replied. "Is anyone there yet?" He asked. "I can hear the sirens." "Okay, is your front door unlocked?" "Yes."
  5. I heard the police cars and abulance pull up. "They're here!" I said. "You can hang up now." I hang up and open up the door. "He's in his bedroom." I tell them. I lead them there. A police named Ted walks up to me. "Let's go downstairs Anne," Ted says. "Okay," I reply. We walk downstairs. My tears are still flowing.
  6. We walk into the living room. "Anne, your father is dead," He says. I sit down on the couch and lay down. "Which means, since none of your realitives live nearby, you will have to be sent to an orphanage. I stand up "No, I can't go to an orphanage. I can't no one will want me." I say. "I'm sorry it has to be this way Anne." He says.
  7. I watch them take dad downstairs and out of the house. He's cover up so I can't see him. Police officer Ted walks up to me once more. "C'mon sweetie, let's go pack up." I slowly walk to my downstairs room. I pack all my nessicary things. Clothes, tolietries and books.
  8. When I get into the living room, Officer Ted is on his phone. "I'll let her know" he says, ending the call." He walks over to me. "Anne, your Anut Patty is coming here from California, whixch is a few days, you'll be staying at the orphanage untill she arrives. She's only here to plan the funrel." He says. "Okay," I reply.
  9. Auntie Mandy is all of the family I have left. Mom was an only child, and dad had one sister, my Auntie Mandy. I love Auntie Mandy and she's really fun.
  10. "Let's go," he says. "Can I take one last look around? " I ask. "Sure," he answers. I avoid the upstairs, all that's up there is my dad's bed room. I walk into my bed room, most of my things in there will be sold, including that ring from Bryson that I'm not alowd to take with me. I circle the rest of the downstairs. "I'm ready to go," I say to Officer Ted. We head outside and get in his squat car.

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