Across the Pond-Part 1

Anne Tai has had a rough life. Her mom dieing in a ccar crash, then her boyfriend leaving for England. How will she survive. Follow her adventure in the six part series!

Be sure to rate and comment after you read "Across the Pond,". Also, look for update on the forums. And look fo part two. I have no clue what to type.

Created by: Carrotop
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  1. "Bryson," I say,"you can't leave. You can't. " "I'm sorry," he says,"we have to go to England. It's our only hope." I start crying this cannot be happing. I've known Bryson my whole life. And he's moving. "We can still try to keep in touch." He says. "Long distance relationships never work." I say, "I can't believe we have to break up now."
  2. I start crying even harder. Then, I hear his mom calling for him. "I guess this is goodbye." He says. I can only nod my head as he hugs me. I watch him walk to his car. He gets in and waves.
  3. I sit on the steps and watch as he leaves, I can't bare to be apart from him. I sit on the steps, still crying. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up and see my only parent, my dad. My mom died in a car accident when I was nine. It's been six years and I still think about her very day.
  4. "Sweetie, do you know the saying,'If you love somebody, set them free, and if they love you back, they'll come back.'?" Dad says. I look at Dad and nod. I'm to sad to speak. "Honey," he says,"if he loves you, he'll come back. I promise." I look at him, and give him a small smile. Then, he gives me a hug.
  5. As I get up to go inside, I see something by my feet. I pick it up. It's a small present. I take it inside. I sit on the couch and open it up, suprised to see a ring. Engraved in it says,"I'll always love you.-Bryson" I put it on and start to cry again.
  6. I turn n the T.V. and watch some reality T.V. which rdminds me of Bryson. I start crying then I black out.
  7. That was a cliffhanger!!
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