Our little Secret part 2

Azy's back with part 2. If you haven't taken part 1 please do. I Hope you enjoy this part as much as i wrote it. Please comment and rate on this for part 3. I'll like to thank all the people who commented in part 1. Thank you guys for your comments, i love reading them x3

Bye everyone and please start reading this quiz. Azy loves you! :D Jayden: black wavy hair, green pine eyes, sexy smile, loves to draw, nathan's friend. Nathan has brown spicy hair, hazel beautifull eyes, cute laugh, and loves to eat :D

Created by: AZY
  1. *Recap* I was getting scared 'stay back' i yelled and tried to find an object for protection. i felt a hand on my waist so i flipped him over. 'uhh' i heard a groan. i turned the light on to see...Nathan. i walked to the door and opened the door but i was too late. Nathan has my ankle. 'let go' i said trying to pull away. 'why were you crying?' he asked me pulling me down to him. i just stared at him 'like you don't know' i told him in a annoyed tone. He looked confused. 'you were in bed with a b****'
  2. i yelled at him 'no i wasn't, i left the room when you left after 15 minutes' he yelled back. My eyes were wide open 'i'am so sorry' i whispered to him. 'it's fine' he said. i kissed his cheek and he smiled. His smile made me smile like crazy. 'want to go home?' he asked me standing up. i nodded and grabbed his hand and started walking downstairs. i noticed Ana with a guy and i smiled, i decided to leave them alone and maybe be a couple. *Time fordward* i pulled away from the kiss out of breath.
  3. I was at nathan's house, i texted my dad i was staying at Ana's house which i wasn't. 'Give me something' he said smiling. Nathan was really drunk already 'what?' i asked. Nathan had a creepy smile on which scared me 'Sex' he answered 'hell no, get that from your cousin' i told him laughing. Nathan looked pissed and then he stood up 'what are you doing?' i asked curiously. He didn't answered and then he started yelling 'get out of my room' he pointed to his door.
  4. Me being scared got up from his bed and walked out of his room, as i walked out he slammed his door shut and i let a tear slip from my eye. i heard a door open to the far right of me and i saw a guy. He looked at me confused 'Aliah?' he asked. i walked over to him. i tilted my head to the side 'you are?' i asked 'jayden' he said winking. i laughed 'my bad, i should just go now' i said but was stopped by him grabbing my hand. 'don't leave, come in' jayden told me. I didn't go in so he had to pull me inside.
  5. I Laughed at his actions. 'Can i ask you something?' i asked him while i walked to the bed. The room was nice planned. The walls were red and black with grey paint splatters, Grey computer desk with black laptop, comfy bed with drawings everywere on the desk. 'Why are you here?' i asked him with a questioning tone. He looked at me and then sat on the bed. 'i live here' he said it like it was nothing 'What?' i asked surprised. 'i'am not related to nathan,i'am his friend. i live here because my parents are..
  6. On a cruise' he told me smiling. i just stared at him and he laughed. 'my turn. Are you nathan's girlfriend?' he asked getting closer to me. 'yeah' i said smiling. 'oh' he said poking my cheek. i laughed. Jayden was really cute.
  7. Jayden laughed and then he layed down on his bed. 'Are you tired?' he asked me 'kind of, why?' i asked 'Sleep with me' he told me 'What the hell' i said with my eyes widen 'not like that, unless you want to' jayden said laughing. i laughed back and then decided to lay down besides him. i wasn't that tired but i realised i really was. i ended up closing my eyes and falling asleep and the last thing i felt before passing out was jayden kissing my cheek.
  8. *Next Morning* My head kept hurting so bad and i ended up waking up. I looked around the room and remembered that i was in jayden's room. I looked over at him and saw him sleeping so peacefully. 'oh crap' i mumbled massagining my head.
  9. I heard someone waking up and i knew it was jayden, he opened his eyes reveiling his pine green color. Jayden smiled 'you look hotter in the light' he told me smiling. i laughed and then i remembered that this was nathan's house. 'is nathan awake yet?' i asked really worried. 'maybe, maybe not' he said getting up. i got up and put my shoes on with my jacket 'i have to go' i told him. i didn't give him a chance to answer because i left out of his room. i exited nathan's house without being seen.
  10. -Cliffhanger- I don't feel like writing anymore. Bye everyone and stay tune for part 3.

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