The Forbidden part 11

Hey guys!!! SO SORRY THIS IS SO LATE!!! We're in England and the hotel we WERE at had no Wi-Fi! Can you believe it!? But part 11 is out! Really cool stuff coming up in part 12. Hope Dre-Lovers enjoy part 11! Stay tuned!

Recap: One of Dre's pack's members just yelled for you to get down.. And Jesse's dead..oh well! Enjoy part 11 and part 12 is coming up so don't go away!

Created by: muzix4evrz123
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  1. Dre pulls you down to the ground and you see a blue sound wave thing pass over your heads. When it's finished, Dre helps you up and the pack stares at you. "You okay?" Jared asks. You nod. "Brad.." Dre mutters. A new guy walks in the room. "You can't use your powers in the open idiot." Dre says. He has blonde hair and gray eyes. "Yeah, well.." he rolls his eyes and stares at you, making you blush. "I'm Brad." he tells you, eyes sparkling. "__________." you reply.
  2. Erik and Daniel rush down the stairs and hurry towards you. "__________! Oh, Dre. I knew you'd come around sooner or later." Daniel says. Erik just glares at Brad. Brad shrugs. You pull yourself closer to Dre since you've missed him so much. He sighs, and pulls away. "I'm gonna..go upstairs." he mumbles and leaves. You follow.
  3. "Uh.. Is everything okay?" you ask him as you both get in the elevator to the top floor where the guys have rented out every single room there for you, them and the pack. He stops at a door. "It's late. Go get changed and get some sleep." he says before slipping into his room and closing the door. "Just knock if you need anything." he calls through the door. Yous sigh confused and go into the room beside it.
  4. You're too tired to change, so you just lie down in your shirt and underwear. You try to sleep, but you can't. It bothers you that Dre is acting so distant and it bothers you that Erik is so cold towards Brad and it bothers you that a guy you kinda liked tried to kill you today and it bothers you that you can't sleep. You finally get up and go out into the hallway (yes, dressed like that). You knock on Dre's door. It opens immediately. "WHat do you need?" he asks. "An answer."
  5. His eyes widen as you walk in and he sees your outfit. You figure he's seen you already so it won't make a difference. You sit on his bed and hesitantly, he sits next to you. "What's going on?" you blurt out. He winces and tries to explain. "I-I don't exactly know.. it's harder. I-I've been with the pack too long. I-..I don't have the control I used to have." he says.
  6. "N-no control.." you repeat. He nods. "Oh..So you don't hate me.." you mumble. He laughs. "No _______. Your my best friend." He says. You don't know if you should kiss him, so you just give him a kiss on the cheek.You look down at the floor as you remember the feeling. You feel his fingers tilt your head up to look at him, his warm breath against your face. He looks puzzled and hesitant as he brushes his lips against yours.
  7. He pulls away ever so slowly, just to see your reaction. "Maybe-" you cut him off as you kiss his slightly parted lips. He's taken off guard and sort of struggles to stay upright. You push yourself onto his lap, hands entangled in his hair. He reaches out for something to support himself, but just ends up knocking down some books. He grips the desk and then presses you against him. His kisses become more passionate and urgent, pushing you back down on the bed. He forces himself to pull away, but like a magnet, he can't himself. He kisses you again, trying to fight it, but it's so overwhelming. You yourself can hardly control your breathing as you grip his neck and try to stay up. His fingers tug the sides of your shirt and then pull away, as if indecisive. The fiery passion builds and it's almost at it's boiling point when.....
  8. Suddenly, with much force and effort, he jerks away, breathing hard. You sit up, panting as you try to catch your breath. He just sits on the messy sheets, staring at you and breathing loudly. "Uh..I need-" he starts. "No, I totally get it." "Alright I'll just-" "Yeah..good night." you finish off the rushed conversation and run out his room. Closing the door, you slump to the ground, head spinning. After a while, you realize you have no pants on in the hallway of a public hotel and run into your room.
  9. The next morning, you wake up to Erik staring at you. "Erik?" you say sleepily. He nods. The glint in his eyes are so unusual. Not at all like Erik. Suddenly, he kisses you. "Y-You know I love you." he whispers. "Yeah.." you reply. He nods again. Brad walks in and smiles at you. Erik's face darkens. "Hey." he says and is about to touch your fingers when Erik puts his hand in the way. "Uh..Whatever. Breakfast ends at 10:00." he calls and leaves. Erik looks weak and pale for a moment. "I-I have to go." he mutters and leaves.
  10. You get dressed and you're brushing your hair when you hear glass shattering and the boys yelling in Daniel's room. You're heart pace quickens as you drop the brush and rush into the hallway and...
  11. CLIFFHANGER! Sorry it was so late!! No internet! Come back for PART 12!!! WHo DO you love?

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