The Forbidden part 3

This is part 3 of "The Forbidden"! Hope you guys love it! You might want take parts 1 and 2 before taking this or you might be lost! Comment and Rate!

Recap: you heard glasses breaking and yelling and you and Daniel just rushed downstairs! Erik: jet black hair, green eyes, relaxed and cool Daniel: Blonde with amazing blue eyes, slight accent, really cool! Dre: jet black hair, icy blue eyes, says he doesn't like you, really serious.

Created by: muzix4evrz123
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  1. You follow Daniel downstairs and gasp. Erik is on his knees with his hand on his head. There's a guy who looks like Dre, but with golden eyes, pointing a gun at Erik's head. You're scared to death, but for some reason, Erik is...smiling!? Daniel pushes you back and take a step forward. "If you want her to live, I suggest you give her to me." The guy says smugly.
  2. Just then, Dre walks in the door. He freezes when he sees the guy. The gun is now pointed at you. Daniel looks alarmed and Dre just stands there, glaring at the guy. "What do you want Ethan?" Dre says cautiously putting down his jacket. "Isn't it obvious? I want my girlfriend." Ethan cackles.
  3. "Drop the gun Ethan." Erik says. "Quiet you!" Ethan spits. Dre starts walking towards him. The gun (which is pointed at you), clicks. Dre stops in his tracks. "You wouldn't." Daniel almost whispers. Dre smiles and Erik laughs. Daniel takes you're hand. Erik mouths the word now.
  4. Erik spins around and trips Ethan then jumps back up. Dre lunges into he air and transforms into a wolf. Daniel pushes you to Erik, eyes pitch black. Dre and Daniel begin fighting Ethan while Erik sneaks you out of the room.
  5. He takes you outsde, away from the yelling and danger. "Are you hurt?" Erik asks you concerned. You shake your head. He breathes a sigh of relief. "Ethan.. He's the prince of the Shadowlands.. and you're..the princess of Gemiah. Look you have no idea how much power you contain. You have the ability, to kill Ethan's army." he explains. He smiles at you, that amazingly cute smile you can't resist. He gives a kiss on the cheek. His lips linger there for a moment. He pulls away just as the boys come outside to meet you.
  6. "He's gone, for now." Dre reports. Daniel winks at you. You look at Dre, trying to read him, but he shakes his head and looks away. "You should probably get to bed. It's getting late."Daniel says after dinner. You get back to your fab room and change your clothes.
  7. Sometime during the night, you hear growling and the sound of iron bending. "Dre calm down!" you hear Erik yell. You run out into the hall and peek into the creaked open door of Dre's room. Dre is there panting, his eyes crimson. He's ripping up his sheets and growling. Daniel and Erik are trying to get him to take deep breaths. "You'll wake her!" Daniel scream-whispers. "I-I saw her...Sh-She was there..I-I just l-love her too much. It's too much."Dre manages to stammer before biting into the bed head, bending the iron with his fingers. "Daniel just do it!" Erik commands. Daniel wrestles Dre and then bites him. Dre freezes. Daniel gets up and he collapses back onto the bed, breathing hard. You gasp.
  8. You walk into the room. "G-Guys? Wh....WHat's going on?" you ask, shocked. Erik and Daniel stare at you, startled. "Did you just see that?" Daniel breathes. "No." you lie. "Uh... maybe you should leave him" Erik gets up and takes you by the hand, leading you back to your room. "Wh-What was that?" you ask him as you sit on your bed.
  9. "When you're a werewolf, anything can make you phase up.. Anger, jealousy, passion, anything really. If it gets you worked up, you phase up." he starts. You're still stunned about what you heard. "It's just a little hard to be around you..He'll get used to it. Don't worry." he smiles. "Go back to sleep." he gets up and leaves.
  10. You hear Daniel go back to his room and you hear Erik's door close. You decide to confront Dre about lying to you. You go down the hall and knock on the door. You do your best to look mad at him for lying. You hear the knob turn and the door opens.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!! come back for part 4! Who do you love?

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