The Forbidden part 7

HEY GUYS! I'm back with Part 7 of "The Forbidden" series! if you haven't taken parts 1-6 of this quiz or you'll be really really lost! Enjoy!!!

Recap: A car is coming towards you full speed! Hope you love it. Also, if any of you readers out there have any suggestions for my quiz I'd love to hear you out! Comment and tell me all about your ideas!

Created by: muzix4evrz123
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  1. You don't know what happened, but the next thing you know, there's a hand on your shoulder, pushing you against the wall behind you and another hand on the car. You see it's Daniel staring at the car. Both your hearts are beating pretty fast, as there's only about 2 feet between you and the car. He slowly turns to you, panting. You stare as his eyes change from its normal color(blue) to indigo. He looks at you, but doesn't say a word.
  2. There's a moment, as your eyes lock with his. You realize your breathing pretty hard too. He gets up, never leaving your gaze. Then, he looks around silently, sees the other guys coming and then the next thing you know, he's gone. Erik, Dre and Jesse rush to your side. "Are you hurt? Where'd he go?" they ask, but you're too stunned to speak. (yeah i know twilight but whatever had to put it in!)
  3. You see a dent in the car where Daniel's hand was. Jesse gets up and looks into the car. "No way..." he mutters. Dre helps you up gently as Erik goes to see what Jesse was looking at. He too looks confused. You and Dre do the same and you gasp! What do you thin k it is?
  4. It's your best friend, Ali, and her boyfriend, Jordan. You thought that van looked familiar! Dre and Jesse switch places as he an Erik help your shaken friends out of their damaged car. "________... What the is going on!?" she winced as Jordan took her hand. You're too happy to see her, so you just hug her. "Shall we?" Jesse smiles. In seconds you're all back at the tent.
  5. "What the.." Jordan starts but Ali hushes him. You get that freezing breeze again. Erik starts explaining while Dre pulls you close. Ali was a bit observant. "So..where's Dan..Daniel?" she asks. you exhale sharply at the name. Dre hesitates, then pulls you closer. Jesse stares in jealousy.
  6. After all that, everyone but you and Jesse leave the tent for a while. "If you don't mind me asking, what's your power?" you ask him. He looks up at you. He raises his finger and you see blue energy,, sparking from his fingertips. "Electricity." he replies. You nod. "Um..why was Daniel mad at me for chilling with you?" you ask. "We have...a history." he struggles for the right word.
  7. You guys are talking and then he takes your hand, and you feel all tingly. "Is that your power?" you ask him. He shrugs. "I dunno." he smiles teasingly. He leans forward and begin to kiss you gently. His fingers slither down to your waist. You feel a bit dazed, so you tell him you're going to get some air. This time, you're careful to stay near the tent.
  8. You're walking around, when you see someone sitting in the snow against a tree. You look and see none other than Daniel. He's staring into space, probably thinking about something. You try and sneak up behind up, to get a better look.
  9. Cliffhanger!!!!
  10. PART 8?

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