The Forbidden part 6

Hey guys! This is part 6 of my series "The Forbidden"!!! If you haven't taken parts 1-5 yet you probably should (just saying) because you will be seriously lost. Hope you love it!! Comment and Rate!

Recap: You just got in a fight with Daniel and you ran off. In this you will have a shocking discovery! Don't want to be a spoiler! Just go ahead!!!

Created by: muzix4evrz123
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  1. You pass as you're running Jesse who looks confuzzled(had to put it in!). You run until you reach the tent. You run inside and sit down on your sleeping bag all upset and depressed. :(. You don't even realize that Erik is there. He stares at you concerned. "____________! What's wrong? Is it Ethan? Are you hurt." he kneels down beside you and starts to examine you. "I'm fine." you sniffle, wiping your nose with your sleeve. He plops down on your sleeping bag. "Then, what's wrong?" he asks you.
  2. He puts his hand on yours and you immediately stop crying. You sorta feel confused, but not so upset anymore. "Thanks." you say. He nods. "Now do you want to tell me what happened?"he says. "It's Daniel! He saw me talking to Jesse and he just like...exploded!"you say. "He exploded!?" Erik exclaims, pretending to be alarmed. You nudge him and he laughs, which makes you laugh. Then, he frowns. "Were his eyes all..brown?" he asks. You nod.
  3. He looks for a book in his bag and flips through it for a while, and then stops on a page. He scans the page, and then his eyes widen in fear. He grabs a knife and then kisses you gently. "I'll be back. Don't leave the tent alone." he says before exiting the tent..alone..weird huh.
  4. You take the book in your hand and start reading. It's a book about vampires. You learn that when a vampire bites a human and transforms them, they appear the age they were forever. You also learn they are super fast, strong, reflexive and usually have a very attractive appearance. Eyes change color according to mood or thirst. Come to think of it, you've never seen Daniel feed before..huh. Then you remember what he told he. HE LIED TO YOU!!! Then you look at the chart that explains the eye colors. You look fro dark brown. When you find it, you gasp :set to kill!
  5. You jump and run out of the tent, ignoring Erik's instructions. You're trudging through the snow, trying to find the guys when you hear a voice that makes you cringe. Ethan chuckles as you freeze and two guys grab your arms. Ethan comes up behind you and you feel his breath against your neck. "Come back for more, my sweet?" he whispers in your ear. "we're going to have some fun."Then, the two guys knock you out.
  6. You wake up on a huge bed. "Good morning." you hear Ethan say beside you. You jump up and try to get as far away from him as possible. Immediately, two guards grab you. "Gently now Luke. We just want to keep her from leaving." Ethan commands. You look to your left and see a brown haired guy with brown eyes and a blue streak in his hair.
  7. Luke stares at you for a while. You feel like you know him. "Okay my sweet, you seem a bit restless. Maybe a few hours in a cell will change your mind. But, I'll be nice. Choose which guard you'd like to accompany you." Ethan says.
  8. (Let's say you chose Luke.) Luke nods. He grabs your arm and pulls you out of sight, down the hall. When the door shuts, he releases you gently. You rub your arms and try to run but he pulls you back. "Wait! I'm going to help you!" he whispers.
  9. He takes your hand and pulls you down the hall, through a door and out into the..road? Where are you? You see Erik, Dre and Jesse speeding towards in terror. Luke for some reason has disappeared! You turn around just in time to see a van coming full speed straight for you! "___________! No!" you hear Dre yell!

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