When Dawn Breaks...Part 1

Heyy guys!! It's me! Creator of the Forbidden series! I promise I won't stop the Forbidden but I wanted to try something new for a while Part 10 will be out soon! In the mean time, please enjoy this new series When Dawn Breaks!

Created by: muzix4evrz123

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  1. Hey guys! Okay, here we go. In this quiz, your name is Asia Rivera. You have long wavy dark brown hair and indigo eyes. You live in a town called Sky Wood with your sister Alianna(Ali for short. Right now, you and your sister are getting ready to go to a party. What do you wear?
  2. After getting dressed, you and your sister go outside to meet your best friend Jake. He has black hair and jade green eyes. He smiles as you guys get in, Ali in the back seat and you in the front next to him. You guys used to date, but then you broke up and now you're like super close. Mixed up huh?
  3. "Hey! Ready for the party?" he asks as he starts driving. You didn't really want to go, but he did and so did Ali. And do you really want to be alone on Friday night? He pulls up to a huge house with music blasting and teens everywhere! You, Ali and Jake walk in and immediately, you lose them in the crowd. You roll your eyes and you about to go somewhere quiet, when you bump into someone. You feel a splash so you know you spilled their drink. "I'm so sorry!" you say looking up at the person. It's a guy! He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. "It's fine." he tells you smiling. "F-Fine..right. I-I'm Asia.." you manage to say, mesmerized by his eyes. "Nathan." he introduces himself.
  4. "H-Hi." you say. "Hey." he replies. "I uh..Hi." you repeat like a total dork. He laughs. "Yo Ryan! Throw one over here." Nathan yells to some guy, pulling off his shirt. HE HAS ROCK HARD ABS! A guy throws a shirt and Nathan puts it on. He runs his fingers through his hair in the most adorable way. "Hey Nate! Over here." Someone calls to him. "Catch you later." he shrugs before winking at you and leaving.
  5. You shrug and continue walking, only to be blocked by a crowd of girls. You roll your eyes because you know exactly what their crowding around. Or at least WHO. It's Cole Daniels of course. The hottest most popular guy in your entire school. He has surfer blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. You roll your eyes as a girl pushes you aside, adjusts her halter back top and struts toward him. It's no other than Skylar Parks. She is supposedly the prettiest girl in the school. You disagree. She has long, straight platinum blonde hair with highlights and sea-green eyes. She's wearing a hot pink halter back top, loosely tied, EXTREMELY short jean shorts and wedges. She walks through the crowd and sits on Cole likes it's nobody's business. The girls glare at her in jealousy. She smiles at the attention and starts to totally make out with Cole. He kisses her back, but his eyes are open and he's staring at you. "What are you looking at?" Skylar asks him. "Nothing.." he mumbles before she kisses him again. You wonder why he was staring at you as you walk away.
  6. You walk up some stairs until you reach a door that says "ROOF." You open it and walk into the open. It's pretty cold up there. A cold wind circles you as you put your back against the wall and slump down to the ground. You pull out your ipod and start listening to music. What do you listen to?
  7. You feel someones eyes burning through you. You turn to your left, but all you see is darkness. Then, you start to see to Crimson eyes, glowing in the dark. You drop your Ipod, horrified. Then, a guy walks out, and his eyes fade from red to steel-grey. He has shoulder-length, jet black hair and he's really tanned. He seems muscular. He doesn't see you, he just walks up to the balcony and stares out into the sky.
  8. “Hey.” you say as you stand next to him. He looks up at you for a moment and then looks back at the sky. Okay, so you guess he doesn't want to talk to you. You take back out your Ipod, but when you get it out, it slips out of your hand, almost falling over the balcony. Without looking away, he reaches out and catches it before it is even 2 centimeters away from your hand. Wordlessly, he hands it back to me. “Th-Thanks.” you stammer, awe-struck by his reflexes.
  9. "I-I'm Asia." you say as he turns to you. His eyes find yours. "Damon." he says in a sexy voice, before tuning out. "Why are you up here?" you ask him. "Why do you care? Shouldn't you be at the party?" he snaps. He starts to walk away, but you grab his arm and he stops. "What?" he asks irritated. "N-Nothing..." you seem to have lost your thoughts as his eyes start to glow again, and then fade. You drop his hand, startled. "WHat now?" he asks. "Y-Your eyes..." you mumble, stepping back. "My..wait.. You..You can see...You can see them glowing?" he asks you confused. You nod. he steps back.
  10. Before he can say anything else, a helicopter lands on the roof!? The wind is whirling angrily around the two of of you. You hear the door bust opening and you heat very familiar voices struggling. You feel someone pin your hands behind your back and then you feel something being injected into your hand. Before you black out, you hear someone say, "This one, Mr. Dyson?" the voice says. A deeper, more grown voice replies,"She's special, no doubt. Take her." Then, you black out. Who do you love?

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