Breaking Dawn quiz

Do you have what it takes to pass the the Breaking Dawn quiz? Have you read the book word for word and think you've got it straight? Well, test yourself with this quiz and see if you've got it!

Are you a Twilight genius? Do you have what it takes to test your Breaking Dawn knowledge? Well, try this quiz and see if you've got the Breaking Dawn fever. Good luck!

Created by: Destinee

  1. What is Bella's "before" car?
  2. Where do Edward and Bella honeymoon at?
  3. Why do Edward and Bella leave their honeymoon early?
  4. What does Bella hope to name her baby?
  5. Who joins Jacob's pack to protect the Cullens?
  6. What does Bella's baby end up named?
  7. Why is Bella turned into a vampire?
  8. How old was Bella when she was turned?
  9. Her went to the Volturi after assuming Renesmee was a full vampire child?
  10. What does Alice tell Bella to do to protect Renesmee?
  11. What is the Volturi's final choice?

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