how well do you know Breaking Dawn?

fangbanger. you are so not forever!! You could try to pass my quiz and fail, or you could not try to pass my quiz and suceed. which ever your comfrtable with

Find out if you really do know the Cullens and Bella in the 4th installment: Breakin Dawn:)My test will help yo figure out if your smarter than most:)

Created by: Kristen Alison Greene
  1. What does Bella and Edward name their daughter?
  2. Why was Bella going to "leave" her daughter?
  3. Why did Rosalie stick around so long with Bella after she got pregnant?
  4. Who was the 16th president?
  5. At first, when Bella was having her daughter, and she was screaming and then she went quiet, did you think she was DEAD?
  6. Why did Jacob stick around all the time for Bella?
  7. Who is a half human-vampire?
  8. What was Bella'smom and dad's name's?
  9. Why was Bella more aware of things when she was a vampire?
  10. What does Bella do with the old-poisened chicken from isle esme?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Breaking Dawn?