Twilight Love Story part 2

Twilight is mai movie and book! So I'm making a sequel! Plus imma make a Renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black Love Story so like read it if you love Jacob Black!

(Recap) So last quiz Bella saw the Cullen Family for the first time! So now she's getting to know them better in this quiz! Can't wait can you? I know so intense!

Created by: LovelyTeenWriter
  1. The next day at school, you waited for your friends at lunch. But mostly you were waiting to see Edward Cullen again...The look he gave you in English was so painful, so sad, so crestfallen. You had an open book in your hand acting as if you were reading the book "Mortal Instruments" You looked up every few minutes to see if the Cullens happened to be here yet. The girl you knew named "Rosalie" walked in with the strange girl Alice. Rosalie gave you a look with such hatred that you looked away and Alice looked at you with curiosity. All the Cullens were at the table. Except Edward.
  2. You looked at the Cullens table once more and decided to just leave the cafeteria. Someone calls you on your phone and it's a blocked number. "Um hello....?" You answer walking out of the cafeteria. "Bells, it's me mom!" Your mom told you through the phone. "Mom! Hey, I miss you! Where's your cell...?" You asked her confused. "Oh it died. Stupid phone. Anyways how's school? Meet any cute boys? Are they treating you right there?" She asked you like a dozen questions. "" You lied instantly thinking of Edward. "Oh...well I have to go. Love you Bella." Your mom told you hanging up the pay phone. "I-I love you too Mom." You cried choking on your words. You turned your head around to see Rosalie Cullen and you instantly wiped your tears. She pushed beside you and walked down the hallway not looking back.
  3. You were p----- that she pushed you and you walked up tilo her and started screaming. "WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH?! YOU ACT LIKE I'M JUST THE WORST B---- YOU'VE EVER MET!" You yelled at her loudly. She just stared at you and smirked. "Go away Bella Swan and leave my brother alone!" She screamed pushing you. Surprisingly, you flew all the way across the room. "W-What the h--- are you?!" You screamed backing away hurriedly. Rosalie had her eyes opened wide as you crawled away. "Hey, wait Bella don't go!" Alice yelled as you ran down the hallway. She catched up with you in the next 3 seconds. "G-Go away! Your a f-freak!" You yelled at her tears streaming down your face. Alice calmly spoke to you and after a while you actually listened. "Your a vampire? Edward is too?" You whispered quietly. She nodded her head. "Yeah. And he surprisingly likes you..." she whispered back helping you stand up.
  4. Alice drove you to their house after school, they had watched you like a hawk today.. Even when your friends were with you. You hopped out the car brushing your hair back with your fingers. Rosalie jumped out the car glaring at you harshly. Her boyfriend followed her out the car smiling a little at you. "Um Edward is inside Bella, you can go see him...." Alice told you pushing you inside. You looked around there house and smiled a little.It was vintage and possibly cost a fortune with glass windows that had a view of every room and every room was a different color. You smiled when you walked into the living room in saw Edward.
  5. "What are you doing here, Bella?!" He asked you jumping off the couch surprised. "Um Alice brought me here. You vampires have nice houses eh?" You asked him smiling a bit. He nodded and smiled back. Finally. "Let me show you the trees..." he told you grabbing your hand. "Trees?" You asked him looking a bit confused. "Yep. The trees." He walked over to a window and opened it. "Ready?" He asked you holding one hand against your waist. "Wait what?" You yelled as he launched into the air. You two were flying, or synchronized jumping. He landed into a tree and looked into your eyes. You blushed and smiled up at him. "I really really like you.." he told you smiling faintly. "Me too." You responded. He leaned into kiss you and you kissed him back. (Whether you want to or not) He kept kissing you for at least 6 minutes until you pulled away. "You know I'm a vampire right? I don't need to breath." He responded laughing. You gasped for air and glared at him "But I have to breath 'kay?" You told him snickering.
  6. You hanged out with Edward and his family (While getting continuous glares from Rosalie) for at least three hours until you checked the time. "I have to go home..." you whispered to Edward while smiling at everyone else. He nodded his head picking up his car keys. "I have to go my dad is probably worried sick about me. I'll keep your secret. I promise." You told them crossing your heart. They nodded and Mrs. Cullen stood up. "It was wonderful to meet you, Bella. Come back anytime soon." She told you giving you a hug. Nodding your head, Edward took your hand and led you out the door. "Well time to go home, Bells." He told you opening up the door for you.
  7. You two drove in silence until you started talking. "You have a beautiful family, they're way different then mine." You told him smiling sadly. He looked at you as if you were crazy. "Not your typical vampire family eh?" He asked you smiling a little. "My mom and dad are divorced and I'm an only child. Not your typical human life eh?" You asked him the same question he asked you. He shook his head laughing. "Oh. My house is that one right there." You pointed at your house. He parked in your driving way and you both got out.
  8. He knocked on your door nervously looking around. "Bella, where have you been?" Your dad yelled glancing back at you and Edward. "She was with me and my family sir." Edward coughed nervously looking at you. "Mhm. And what's your name son?" Your dad asked him. "Edward. Edward Cullen. Dr. Cullen's kid" He told your dad. "Oh yes. Well tell your dad I said hi." Your dad told him less angrily. "Will do. And can Bella come with my family to play baseball tomorrow?" Edward asked your dad. "Bella? Baseball? Psssh okay sure but trust me she's not that good" Your dad told him laughing really hard. "Dad..." you mumbled walking into your house. "Bye Edward" you told him slamming the door.
  9. ★Cliffhanger I be sorry★
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