Warrior Cats Love Story Part 3

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Welcome to part 3 of the Warriors Love Story saga! Today you are in for a surprise, but I shall not spoil anything. Be sure to have fun, and please let me know in the comments what you though!

I really hope you enjoy my stories! I do not script these, the whole story is basically 'improv' so I hope it's good enough! I love positive and negative feedback, so feel free to comment with any!

Created by: Sskittykat

  1. When we last left off you were deciding who to fight. Am I correct?
  2. It was a quick battle, but in your mind it was going slower than a snail set in a still pond on a hot green leaf day. Hues of sun bright yellow shone on your pelt, and you saw several toms admiring you as you fought. Among these toms were Glazepaw, Tortoisepaw, Shadepaw, Spidercloud, and a mysterious BerryClan apprentice. Which do you awknowlege with a smile or blush?
  3. Lilacstar and Acornstar are battling each other at the throats! Lilacstar's beautiful gray-violet like pelt is stained with wet, sticky blood. As is the golden brown BerryClan leader's. You see Spidercloud and the BerryClan apprentice trying to fight the opposing leaders as well. What do you do next?
  4. As you run around, trying to decide what to do, you hear a BerryClan tom yowl "Rushflower!" you look up, and notice it's Talonwhisker. You've heard about Talonwhisker, the BerryClan deputy, before amongst the mouths of scornful warriors. You watch as he dashes over the a silver she-cat. It's the same she-cat with the swollen belly you saw earlier! It appears that she's collapsed. Talonwhisker looks around frantically to find someone, and sets his eyes on you. "You! TreeClan apprentice! Please find someone to help my mate, she's kitting!" he whines. Who do you get, or what do you do next?
  5. If you choose to get Glazepaw answer this question, and don't answer again until question 10. You dash over to the gray tabby tom, and start frantically explaining yourself. He appears to not be able to understand, so he orders you to calm down. You swat him over the ear, and yowl "THERE'S A BERRYCLAN CAT, AND SHE'S KITTING!" Glazepaw stands in horror. "Alright, let me think," he begins. "Get me a few raspberry and borage leaves, I have a collection stored nearby, I brought them for this type of situation," he began. "..and find a stick while you're at it, and some soaked moss, she must be parched," he orders. "Well, what're you waiting for? GO!" he shouts. As you frantically try to remember everything he said. As you finish the "erands" you run over to Rushflower who appears to be in great pain. Glazepaw has come to comfort her. "It's okay Rushflower, you'll be fine, I brought Saplingpaw, she has herbs, yes, hush now," he cooes. What are your thoughts?
  6. If you choose to panic, answer this question, and don't answer again until question 10. As tou began to think of who to get, your mind went blank. You started to panic. "SOMEONE HELP!" you yowled. "THERE IS A QUEEN KITTING OVER HERE!" you continue to yowl in distress. Maplesong heard your plea. "What is this about a kitting?" she asks frantically. "It's Rushflower," you mewed almost helplessly. "She's kitting!" "Oh my," Maplesong sighs. She orders Glazepaw, Tortoisepaw, and Shadepaw to get herbs for her. "Thank you, Saplingpaw, without you her kits might die out here," she meowed in gratitude.
  7. If you choose to find the mysterious apprentice, make sure you didn't answer questions 7 or 8, and be sure to continue on after this. You found the mysterious white and brown tom trying to pull Lilacstar off Acornstar. He looked so brave... but you lost your train of thought. What am I doing? You asked yourself. "Can you help me, one of you queen, Rushflower, she's kitting!" you yowl. "What?!" he asks warily. "Mom!" he yowls as he runs across the battlefield. "Someone get Heatherdrop! My mother's kitting!" he shouted. /Mom?!/ you thought. Rushflower is his mother?
  8. As Rushflower is rushed behind a bracken pile, you hear screams, worry, and soon little mews. A small crowd of cats have gathered as well as you to check on the BerryClan queen. Maplesong and Heatherdrop, the BerryClan medicine cat, have been working together to deliver her kits. Finally, Heatherdrop comes out with leaves strewn across her pelt. "Is Rushflower okay?" Talonwhisker and the BerryClan apprentice ask at the same time (If you were not informed the BerryClan apprentice is Talonwhisker, and Rushflower's oldest son). "She's fine.. now," Heatherdrop sighed. "She had three lovely kits, two she-cats and a tom," Maplesong announced, as she emerged. Glazepaw was trying to peek in curiously, but both medicine cats were holding him back. Tortoisepaw was bouncing, trying to look over the bracken pile, but Shadepaw and Spidercloud stood beside you, trying to comfort you, as they thought you might have been traumatized.
  9. Okay... and... rating time! :D How would you rate this episode on a scale of 0-5? 5 Being awesome and 0 being crappy. Please let me know in the comments :)
  10. Okay, goodbye fellow warrior lovers! Remember, I make a new quiz every day, just about! Make sure to tune in tomorrow to know what happens!

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