Warrior Cats Love Story 7

Right! This is the final part: DON'T FRET! There will be a sequel called Warrior Cats Love Story Sequel 1, Warrior Cats Love Story Sequel 2. And so on.

This story-telling, lovey-dovey(ish) part will make your heart melt! You cat character goes on a date (ish) at the end, and it will be nice to read.

Created by: Pathbreeze
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  1. When we left off . . .
  2. You yowled for help, but obviously everyone knew what was going on. You heard a hiss and cast a swift glance at your mate fighting . . . Kinkeyes? What? You pricked your ears. Kinkeyes was hissing, "Don't. . . Rescue . . . You . . . Love me, . . .not . . . Her!" The last part was a ferocious yowl as your mate crashed to the ground and snarled, "[your name here] is my one and only love."
  3. You mate bashed Kinkeyes to the side and rushed to help you. She heard soft murmurings and fearful squeaks as Hikepath and Creeknose(yes, she's still alive) ushering your three kits into the elder's den. You felt a pang of pity for them as you heard their whimpers: "But what about mommy?" "I wanna fight with her!" "Is daddy okay?" They were three moons old, but right now they seemed like the youngest kits there were. You clawed x______x and your mate helped you. Finally, you were able to pin him down, but x_______x thrashed violently. It was all you could do to wait and hold him down.
  4. Sunstar came and grabbed x_______x by the scruff. "Peatfur and I will take care of him," he snarled through a mouthful of fur. "You two go and rest. Reassure your kits, too." At the mention of kits, both your mate's and your eyes turned to the elders' den, where three balls of fur were charging toward you. Honeykit went under your belly while Troutkit climbed on top of his father's back. Glowkit was in the middle between you and your mate.
  5. "Go to the nursery now," you told your kits. "Mommy and daddy will be there soon." Knowing you were okay, they scampered off to the nursery. Your mate looked up and down at you, and his gaze flickered to you ear. His tongue flicked out and licked the blood off of it, showing the scar from so, so many moons ago. You sighed at the memory, when everything was okay . . . You didn't have to pick a mate, you were just an apprentice living a simple life in your Clan . . .
  6. Peachlight soon treated you two, and you went into the nursery, followed by _______(your mate, if you'd forgotten). Then there's happy family reunion stuff, blah blah blah . . .
  7. x_____x is now in the Dark Forest.
  8. Three moons pass after the incident. You cheer your kits' name along with your mate. They weren't kits anymore: They were 'paws, now! You were bursting with pride. Soon after, near dusk, your mate asks you out for a walk. You agree. He brings you to a meadow. It was a beautiful sight: Short, fresh green grass the color of Troutpaw's eyes, with a tint of yellowish orange from the sun's rays. Tiny white, pink, blue, and purple flowers dotted the meadow, and from your left and right, you could see spruce trees in the forest were your Clan was. Slowly your mate entwines his tail with yours. "[your name here]?" he asks. "Yes, _____?" you whisper, or wanting to break the beautiful silence. You lay your head on his shoulder, and he purrs before answering. "I love you."
  9. Now. Imagine a meadow like the description above, with black silhouttes of two cats in the middle with twined tails; also, the cat on the right is laying its head on the other cat's shoulder, who sits tall. Then, at the bottom of the image, imagine a black-and-silver banner with the words: THE END in white text. You got my point of view.
  10. The end. Obviously.

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