Warrior cats love story part 4 (For Girls)

Many people love the Warrior Cats saga. I know I do. But what would it be like to have to go through the twists and turns of a warrior’s love life? This series of quizzes will take you through a situation where a young cat has to find out who she loves.

Do you love Shy Ravenpaw? Do you love Quick Whitepaw? Do you love Strong Graypaw? In this series, you live the life of this young she cat. You find out what happens, and who you love.

Created by: Rave098
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  1. Where we last left off,Whitepaw was racing you to the training grounds, and following a scent trail.
  2. As you race through the forest after Whitepaw, you open your mouth to take in the scent trail. Whitepaw does the same, then stops. It does seem vaugely familiar, but somehow not. Then you realise that it is the scent of one of the kits, Flamekit! You look at Whitepaw, and he has worry written all over his face. Kits are not supposed to be this far out of camp! You look at Whitepaw, and he says, "Go back to the camp. Tell everyone that we found a scent trail that belongs to Flamekit." You look at him and say
  3. "GO!" He yowls. You hurry off, pacing yourself to not get tired. You burst into camp, and yowl, "Help! We found Flamekit's scent far from camp!" Heatherstar and the deputy, Lionheart, run out and Heatherstar says, "Take us there." You look around and see a few cats looking at you, and ready to follow. Unconciously, you start looking for a familiar ___________________ pelt.
  4. You stop looking around. ______ is probably at (The training grounds/Flamkit's scent trail.
  5. You look back at Heatherstar and Lionheart, and say "We found Flamekits in this direction." and signal the direction with your tail. You run to the entrance of camp and head off towards Flamekit and Whitepaw!
  6. As you run, you hear pawsteps joining you, soft pawsteps that can only belong to an apprentice. You want to look back, but don't. You hope it is...
  7. Whitepaw's POV: I looked into the entrance of the den. After following Flamekit's scent trail to here, I smelled a unfamiliar scent coming from the den. It smelled kinda like crow food, but also like fresh food. What could it be?
  8. Your POV: You run to the spot where you last saw Whitepaw. You look back at the other cats and see that Heatherstar is getting ready to speak. She says,"Cats of Heatherclan! Flamekit has disappeared, and we need all the young apprentices to search for danger in the surrounding area, so when I, Lionheart, and Brightpaw, find Flamekit, we can be sure that there are no dangers and we can bring him back to camp safely!" As the other cats sgo off to do whatever, Heatherstar says to me quietly, "I didn't want to scare the clan, but we have scented badgers near our border with Nightclan. Only senior warrior know about it. That is why I sent of the others. And I wante..." Heatherstar was interrupted by a cry, filled with worry, coming from the undergrowth. "Oh, no. Not my first apprentice! If Heatherstar figures out that I can't find her, she'll never let me have another apprentice again!" says the voice, and we soon can see Nettlewishes black fur peacking out from under a Yarrow bush.
  9. "Nettlewish!" you call out. "I'm right over here!" "There you are! I've been so worried about you!" She yowls. "Where have you been?" Heatherstar quickly tells Nettlewish what has happened. "Wow. That sounds like you have a lot to do. Looks like I should go help the others." Nettlewish says, and walks off to help make sure the area is safe. TIMELAPSE!
  10. You're at the spot where Whitepaw's POV left off, near an old den. You start to step inside, but Lionheart stops you. "This," he says, "Is an old badger set." You react with..
  11. Lionheart and Heatherstar slowly walk inside. The stench, which is badger, is strong, so strong. You walk behind them, and soon hear sounds of battle. Whitepaw must be attacking the badger! Heatherstar and Lionheart rush forward, emerging into a small cave with a black and white lump attacking a small clump of white fur. Something about it seems odly familiar. You look around, and see that it is connected to the series of tunnels you discovered as a kit! Heatherstar and Lionblaze jump towards the badger, raking their claws around its sides. Whitepaw jumps up and runs to an exit tunnel, one that leads to the nursery. You look around again, knowing that if you attack the badger you would just get in the way., and get hurt. You see a clump of bright orange fur, and rush towards it. You see that it is flamekit, and rush through the passage ways that lead to the nursey, and soon emerge into the familiar moss covered surroundings. You set Flamekit down, and see Whitepaw in a corner, licking his blood stained fur. He looks like he's in pretty bad shape. You run to the medacine cat den, and say to Snowbird, "Help! Whitepaw hurt from the badger attack!" and without another word, Snowbird rushes off to the nursery as fast as she could run.

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