Warrior cats love story part 2 (for girls)

Many people love the Warrior Cats saga. I know I do. But what would it be like to have to go through the twists and turns of a warrior's love life? This series of quizzes will take you through a situation where a young cat has to find out who she loves.

Do you love Shy Ravenpaw? Do you love Quick Whitepaw? Do you love Strong Graypaw? In this series, you live the life of this young she cat. You find out what happens, and who you love.

Created by: Rave098
  1. Where we last left off, you had been told to stop bragging by Cinderfur, and had beckoned for one of the other soon-to-be-apprentices to follow you.
  2. Unfortunately, the other 2 soon-to-be-apprentices followed you as well. Things are not going well so far. You lead the others to the far side of the nursery, and whisper for them to pretend to fall asleep until you poke them. They obey. You lay down and think that maybe, just maybe, you should wake just 1 up. That 1 is _____.
  3. You decide against it. He would probably blab about where you are going to take him unless you take the others there, too. You pretend to sleep until the queens and other kits fall asleep. Then you stand up and wake ___ up first.
  4. As you wake him up, the other 2 start to stir. As they stand up and stretch, you beckon for them to follow you. You start heading for an area where no cat slept, but was still covered with moss. Fresh moss. You start to dig into the moss, and soon uncover a tunnel. You look around and see Graykit, Ravenkit, and Whitekit looked supprised. Each of them ask you a different question. You answer...
  5. If you answered Ravenkit in question #6. Ravenkit asked where are we going. You reply...
  6. If you answered Whitekit in question #6. Whitekit asked how long have you known about this. You relpy...
  7. If you answered Graykit in question #6. Graykit asked if anyone else kew about it. You respond with...
  8. You walk into the tunnel and go straight for several fox leingths. You walk into a small cave. You turn around and say to the others, "I wanted to show you this place." You are facing ______ when you say this.
  9. You face all of the others and say in a cold voice, "I don't think you should tell about this place." Then, you walk toward the exit tunnel and head up. You emerge as the younger kits begin to stir. You wait until Graykit, Ravenkit, and Whitekit emerge, then cover the tunnel up with moss. As you finish, an apprentice, Bluepaw, walks in and drops 2 mice in front of the 4 of you. 1 mouse to share with someone. You ask _______ to share with you.
  10. He says yes, and you 2 share. As you finish the mouse, Longfur comes in and says to you 4, "Come on out. Heatherstar is calling the clan together for your apprentice ceremony." You look at your friends. You're going to be apprentices!
  11. You hurry outside, and sit by Cinderfur, while your friends sit by their parents. Heatherstar jumps up on Great-Tree and says, "Cats of Heatherclan! Today we will apprentice 4 kits. Come up here, you 4." You move forward and stand at the roots of the giant tree. " Graykit,from now on you shall be known as Graypaw. Whitekit,from now on you shall be known as Whitepaw. Ravenkit,from now on you shall be known as Ravenpaw. And Brightkit, from now on you shall be known a Brightpaw.

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