Warrior Cats Love Story (part 1)

Warrior cars love quiz... not your average love quiz, however. Warrior Cats Love Story is a multi- result quiz with excellent descriptions of the cat you have fallen in love with.

This quiz is one of many more to come. When I get them done, search them up and take them as well. I trust that you are taking this quiz, correct? Have fun with it!

Created by: Hollyleaf
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  1. You are a young kit in the nursery. Your friends, Foxkit, Rainkit and Mousekit say "Hey (your name)! We are going to play Shadowclan Invasion! Want to come?"
  2. This is only for if you said yes to the previous question. "Yes!" you reply. As you walk out with your friends, you notice that you are walking very close to
  3. This is only if you picked No two questions ago. Your mother, Dawnstripe, says "you need the fresh air. Go and play with your friends!" Mousekit, Rainkit, and Foxkit are already outside when you come out. You walk straight for
  4. You start playing Shadowclan Invasion. Just as you pounce on Rainkit, an apprentice walks up to you. He says "Hey! It's (your name), Rainkit, Foxkit and Mousekit, right? I'm Sunpaw!" "Umph. Hey!" said Rainkit, who is still under you. Foxkit twitches his tail and holds back a laugh.
  5. Later, when your friends are napping, you go out of the den to explore. Sunpaw sees you and says "Hey, (your name). If you want, I'll take you out of camp..."
  6. "Only out to the edge of the ravine though. I don't want to get us in trouble." he said. You say ok and follow him. He leads you up and says things like "watch out for that rock!" Or "dig your claws in here, like this." When you both got to the top,he said " Look. See that vole? I want you to try and catch it." If you fall, I will catch you."
  7. You catch the vole and bring it back to him. He says "Good! This is a great start for when you do training tomorrow. I'd mentor you myself, but I'm only an apprentice." "What do you mean?" You say. "They didn't tell you? Today is your apprentice ceremony!" "This is awesome!" you marvel.
  8. You go back down to camp and slip into your nest and close your eyes just as your mother wakes up. She starts to groom you. "Today is your big day! Its time for your apprentice ceremony!" She tells you.You open your eyes and the first thing you see is Foxkit, and he is staring at you.
  9. He says sorry and brushes moss off of his ear. You all go to the high ledge and recive your apprentice names. (YOUR NAME), RAINPAW, FOXPAW, MOUSEPAW! Your mentor is Icepelt. You run up to her and ask "Can we go train NOW?" Next to you, you see Rainpaw and Mousepaw asking the same question. All of the mentors say "Ok... But only to show you the borders!" You see Foxpaw and Sunpaw walking toward the apprentices den.
  10. You get out to the forest and walk a ways. You come to a river. "This is Riverclan's border" says Icepelt and the other mentors. You walk a ways more. "This is Fourtrees." The mentors explain. Just in front of you stands four huge oak trees. More walking, and you smell something. "What is that acrid stench?" complains Mousepaw. "That is the Thunderpath" replys his mentor. "And across from there is the Shadowclan border." "Eww!" shouts Rainpaw. "Windclan's border was across from Fourtrees, but they were downwind from us, so we couldn't catch their scent today." Says Rainpaw's mentor. "I think that's enough for today, lets go back." decides Icepelt. The other cats agree, and you head home.
  11. When you get back to camp, Rainpaw bumps you and blushes. " 'sokay." you say. Foxpaw glares from the other side of camp. "What's his problem?" Asks Mousepaw, but he was staring at Brightpaw, a pretty apprentice. The next day, before training, your new best friend, Rosepaw says "I think Foxpaw likes you!" Lucky... she mumbles under her breath. "Really?" You yelp. "Yeah." She says.
  12. At training, Mousepaw is staring at Brightpaw again.
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!

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