~~Warrior cats Love story~~ Part 3

In Part 4, instead of typing random stuff in the first paragraph, I'm gonna put the cats of the Clan in it. Sound alright? By the way, I hope you enjoy!

#1: After finishing your vigil, you pad to the warriors den, meeting a cat named Emberclaw, who suggested to go hunting later. Soon after, your camp is attacked by a band of rouges. After the battle, you and Emberclaw take a nap. When you wake up, you run into a cat named Streamflight. Then, you head out to go hunting. #2: Well, the main thing was that Earlystar announced that nobody would be going to the Gathering.

Created by: Wcrocks
  1. Ok! Here we go! An outburst broke out in the Clan and Harefoot yowled, "Be quiet and let him explain why!"
  2. Earlystar takes a deep breath then meows, "The rouges that we encountered just yesterday is a well-known band of rouges that like to call themselves DeathClan. That small little attack on the camp was not even a quarter of their Clan. What makes that worse is..." He looks sadly at the cats below, "They have taken over Fourstones."
  3. "Silence!" He yowls, "That doesn't mean we won't do something about it. At Sunhigh, we will leave for Fourstones. The cats going will be Treepaw, Gullybreeze, Appleflame, Emberclaw, Streamflight, Scatteredpaw, Frozenpaw, and (your name)!
  4. "For now, prepare yourself for battle!" He dismisses you and Emberclaw and Streamflight come running up to you, "We are all going!" Streamflight meows."Yah." Emberclaw meows, "I hope there is not as many cats as Earlystar says there are..."
  5. At Sunhigh, you wait at the entrance of camp patiently. Earlystar meows, "I will be staying to guard the camp in case of an attack. Along with the cats that were not chosen."
  6. As you are running through the forest, led by Gullybreeze, you sense tension among all of the cats.
  7. When, you were about to arrive at Fourstones, Gullybreeze turns and gives a nod,"Attack!" He yowls and rushes out. Everyone follows him to find only a few cats in the camp.
  8. You target your eyes on the black tom that led the patrol yesterday. He pounces on you and pin you to the ground.
  9. He hisses in your face and grabs hold of one of your front legs and sinks his teeth in.
  10. Everyone was too busy battling to help you. The black tom twists your leg violently and sinks his teeth in deeper.
  11. Emberclaw comes running and knocks him off of you, "Leave her alone!" Emberclaw yanks on his tail hard and he runs off into the forest.
  12. "Retreat!" You hear the black tom call as he ran towards the Abandoned Twoleg Camp. They all followed him and a kit mewed, "What about the others?"
  13. You arrive in camp just in time to see the camp under attack and your father dying on the ground with a ginger Tom on-top of him yowling in victory. Gullybreeze claws at the tom and he runs away yelping, followed by the other cats attacking the camp. You run up to Earlystar, who was barely awake, "(your name)? I need...to speak with....you."
  14. "You will make a....fine leader...someday. I want you to know....that I am very....proud of you. Goodbye....(your name)" he falls limp and his eyes become cold.
  15. End of Part 3! Random: Pick a face.

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