~~Warrior cats Love story~~ Part 2

Ok, this is the follow up to my other quiz, "~~Warrior cats Love story~~". I plan to make an entire series of my little love story thingy. If you haven't taken the quiz before this one, I suggest reading the next paragraph. The second paragraph will always contain a recap from ALL of the previous quizzes! May StarClan light your path!

#1: After finishing your vigil, you pad to the warriors den, meeting a cat named Emberclaw, who suggested to go hunting later. Soon after, your camp is attacked by a band of rouges. After the battle, you and Emberclaw take a nap. When you wake up, you run into a cat named Streamflight. Then, you head out to go hunting.

Created by: Wcrocks
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  1. Are you ready?
  2. Ok, here we go! As you pad through the forest, you scent a mouse. Emberclaw doesn't, so he continues walking.
  3. What ever you chose, he spots the mouse and prepares to pounce. The mouse hears him and darts away,"Mouse dung!" He hisses.
  4. By the time you return to camp, you have caught three voles and he caught two sparrows and a mouse. You dropped your huge haul in the pile and Streamflight pads up to you and you see Emberclaw tighten up,"Awesome job!" Streamflight purrs.
  5. "Hey, you want to eat together?" Streamflight meows. Emberclaw glares coldly at Streamflight, but Streamflight isn't even phased.
  6. Streamflight trots satisfied to the fresh-kill pile and picks up a nice plump rabbit and meows,"Want to share it?"
  7. He takes a small bite out of it then passes it over to you. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Emberclaw staring at Streamflight.
  8. Streamflight glances at Emberclaw,"Don't worry about him. He's just a little upset." You notice jealousy and hatred in Emberclaw's eyes. "It's getting late." Streamflight meows,"We better finish up quick if we want to get some sleep."
  9. After you finish, you pad into the warriors den with Streampelt. Emberclaw was laying awake in his nest. You padded over to your nest and Streampelt took one close to you. The next morning, you pad outside to find a lot of cats chattering excitedly.
  10. Emberclaw pads up to you and mews,"Today is the Gathering! Earlystar is about to choose who will be going!" Surely enough, you see your father standing on top of Highstone.
  11. You notice the expression on your fathers face. It was slightly worried, but stayed calm,"Now, to announce who will be going to the Gathering...I am sorry to say...but no one in any of the Clans will be attending the Gathering this moon."
  12. End of Part 2! What did you think of the ending?

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