Witch MHA boy has feelings for you?

In this quiz you answer questions and it determines which mha boy would you attract. I always wanted too know so I made a quiz about it. After all if one person has a question, someone else is bound too.

The options are my favorite mha boys so.... yah. We got Bakugou/Explosion Boi, Kirishima?Red headed rock, Deku/Broccoli Boi, Shoto/ Half and half, Iida/Sonic, Denki/Pikachu, and Tokoyami/ Dark prince.

Created by: E.A.J of witch mha boy would fall for you.
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  1. You see All Might in the streets.
  2. You get pair up with your crush for a school project.
  3. A test comes up.
  4. Who is your favorite hero?
  5. Who is your best friend?
  6. Mineta:
  7. Best Girl
  8. Best Boy
  9. Favorite Teacher
  10. Least Favorite Hero
  11. Finish the sentence. I.....
  12. Worst villain

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