Which American accent/dialect do you have?

Have you ever wondered what type of accent you have? Until now you probably thought that accents were something only someone from New York or Georgia had, but don't be mistaken, our country is chock full of linguistic differences.

My quiz has ten different outcomes that encompass almost every corner of the lower 48 states. These include New England, New York, Mid Atlantic, Coastal Southeast, Central Southern, Great Lakes, Upper Midwest, Great Plains, Western, and Midland.

Created by: JedenPolska
  1. How do you pronounce the word cat?
  2. Do you typically pronounce cot and caught the same?
  3. Does wine sound exactly the same as whine?
  4. Do pen and pin sound the same?
  5. Does mirror sound exactly like mere?
  6. Do you pronounce furry and ferry the same?
  7. How do you typically pronounce these three words: Mary, marry, and merry?
  8. How do you typically pronounce sorry?
  9. Do you pronounce Don and Dawn the same?
  10. Do you pronounce feel and fill the same?
  11. Does flag have the same vowel sound as the first syllable of bagel?
  12. Do you pronounce boat with the same vowel sound as sew?
  13. How do you pronounce caramel?
  14. How do you pronounce aunt?
  15. How do you pronounce route?
  16. How do you pronounce the number four?
  17. What does the second syllable of pajamas sound like?
  18. How do you pronounce water?
  19. How do you pronounce pecan?
  20. How do you pronounce been?
  21. How do you pronounce coupon?
  22. How do you typically pronounce crayon?
  23. How do you pronounce grocery?
  24. What would you call the shoes you wear to exercise?
  25. What do you call the sweet topping on top of cakes and cupcakes?
  26. What do you call that sweet, carbonated drink?
  27. What is that dispenser that you can get water at public buildings called?
  28. What do you call the miniature lobster found in lakes and rivers?
  29. What do you call the long sandwich with cold cuts and raw veggies?
  30. How do you typically pronounce the first syllable of balance and value?

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Quiz topic: Which American accent/dialect do I have?