What English (language) Accent Do You Have?

Everyone is capable of speaking the English language.Everyone develops an English accent by what part of the world that you live in.You may not notice yours around the people you live around,but around the world,you will.

What English accent do you have?Do you have an American,British (English),Australian,or a Latin accent? Take this quiz and find out what accent you have and what country or part of the world your from.

Created by: Michael
  1. Do You Say "eh" Frequently After Every Few Questions?
  2. Do you every say "mate" and use it like: "g'day mate"?
  3. When you say United States,does it sound like "Unitaid Stites"?
  4. When You Say Hello,does it sound like "Herro" when you say it?
  5. Where Are You From?
  6. Do you ever say "Sup Dude"?
  7. Do you use words like chap,petroleum,trousers,bloody, or nutter?
  8. Do you say porridge or oatmeal?
  9. Of what nationality do you think the person making this quiz is from?
  10. Do you think of barbie as a doll or a barbecue?
  11. When you say you,does it sound like "you" or "yoo"?
  12. Which sentence sounds like a statement you would make?
  13. When you say "football" in your country in English,do most people think of soccer or American Football?
  14. Do you say "es" frequently in your English questions?
  15. When you say "Chinese",does it sound like "Chinese" or "Chinee"?
  16. What kind of English class are you in?
  17. Does you pronounce the language "English" like "eengleesh","eenglish",or "English" where you can here the "En" in it?
  18. When you say TV,does it sound like "T.V." or "Tayvay" ?
  19. What U.S. state do you think the person making this is from

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Quiz topic: What English (language) Accent do I Have?