If You Woke Up As a Girl Quiz.

This is a quiz to see how you would react if tomorrow morning you woke up as a girl. It tests to see if you're more girly, tomboy, in between or definite guy.

One day in school a load of girls start calling you disgusting, icky, sick and vile. That night you wish you were a girl like them. The next morning you wake up to find your wish was granted. How do you feel?

Created by: zoe

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  1. You wake up that morning, and feel different After a great nights sleep. How do you feel?
  2. You look in the mirror, your now a girl. Your wish came true. What's your reaction.
  3. What do you wear?
  4. Do you put on much makeup?
  5. Ok so now you go outside to find a group of girls who made you wish for this to happen. What do you do.
  6. They talk to you and you all go to the mall what do you get there?
  7. After that you see you old girlfriend, what do you do?
  8. You talk and she understand completely, what was her reply? (If you tried to hide it from here she guessed and you told her.)
  9. You get home, your sisters (you have 4 sisters in this world) give you a pair of heels. What do you do?
  10. That night while you sleep, in a dream your asked, do you still want to be a girl? What is you answer?

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