Are you a True Tomboy?

Do you think you are a tomboy? Or are you a girly girl? You may think you're one or the other, but this quiz really determines if you are the most truest tomboy.

I just want to tell you, if you are gonna comment, please don't use inappropriate language. Also rate quiz and comment NICELY. I love hearing your comments and the more the merrier!

Created by: unipotato123

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your Favorite color?
  3. Do you like Animals?
  4. Do you play sports?
  5. Do you keep up with fashion trends?
  6. Can you run fast?
  7. Are you flirty?
  8. Are you into Superheroes?
  9. Do people call you crazy?
  10. And finally! Did you like this quiz? (please comment if you can)(and rate)

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Tomboy?