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Da-ta! I learned how to read! J.K. :) I'm feeling a little ignorant today, more than usual! I woke up to my little sister singing the fanny pack song! Last night I watched, "We Bought a Zoo". My favorite part is when Rosie said, "Hey, mister!", you know the rest! I laughed until I practically died.

This quiz is something I randomly came up with... So, take the quiz. P.S. @ Allissa: You're in this quiz a lot! So... um... yeah... That's it... Darn! I need more letters... Random wording is what is going on right now, at the moment. I just got out of the shower! I am clean!

Created by: TNMEBDMS girl

  1. I got the idea of this quiz when I took Hang with Firey_Soul for the millionth time...
  2. This will not top the fanny pack song, but will come no where even close.
  3. I call this number "The Cheeto song": Cheetos are orange! They hold cheddar! Nothing tastes better! Babies like cheetos! No, they like diritos! This is the end of a short song! I thought it was good, but I wrong!
  4. Do YOU know who Firey_Soul is?!
  5. Right now I'm petting a minature pinscher puppy!
  6. Question number 8 is...
  7. Dark angels or vampires?
  8. Was this quiz a waste of time?
  9. This quiz is over!
  10. I lied to you! Now, it's over!

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