Love, lies, hot guys, random stranger, Wait what?

Hey! My sister just got engaged this last Friday and I ^am ^so excited! I wish I found mister right *gazes at stars in wonder* ^so this guy at school

Is like ^so hot his name is Brandon and he has a frigin eight pack he looks like a blond Taylor laughtner. No joke. He is... Whew! ^so hot! Have you met mister right?

Created by: doterofApollo

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  1. Okay, ^so I have figured out that I love getting adrenaline highs and ^so does alot of other girls out there so I decided to make a fun story and you know the drill. _____ means your name I love all of you I know I have been lazy alot lately but still.
  2. I live in a town called Linn, Missouri and of course it is ironic seeing as I call it Lame, Misery. School is boring all the time and I have no friends that I can trust. I mean I have my friend Jessica, but she always treats me like crap and I hate it. Every day is normally the same. I ^am a sophomore in highschool. I ^am dating the hottest guy in school. His name is Luke. His parents and my parents basically made us date. He hates me. I dispise him. He drives a silver silverado chevy truck, is the star basketball player since we don't have football... He picks me up every day.
  3. I wake up to the sound of "Live While We're Young" by 1D. "why does my clock hate me so very much?!" I yell hitting snooze. I get up and go to my bathroom and take a long hot shower. I get out and brush my hair and teeth then run back to my room. I grab my outfit choice:
  4. I look outside and see Luke. He sees me and points to his watch. I get my makeup on and run to his truck. Right when I get in, he starts to go as fast as he possibly can. "Luke, slow down!" I say "No! I ^am bringing you somewhere." he said " well don't speed please slow down!" "I said NO!" then he smacked me
  5. My head hit the window, and I could feel the blood oosing out. I was getting dizzy but I never passed out, "Damnit, _____! control you f*****g head!" I started crying. Then the truck stopped. He came over to my side and since I was too weak to walk, he carried me into some big building.
  6. I feel him lay me down on a soft thing. I have no clue what it is. I hear other people coming in and my head somehow feels a lot better instantly. I opened my eyes and saw that there were people all around me healing me. "Oh, joy, Prince Luke will be delighted to see you are alright!" one of them said. Then Luke walks in. "Leave us! I wish to speak with her alone!" he ordered them.
  7. "you are giving me a hard time ______." "what do you mean? You nearly killed me!" "I tried not to. You and I are meant to be together. It is written in the stars."
  8. "let me go home" I said "now what fun would that be?" "very! Let me go home!" "nah. This is your home" then he pushed his lips onto mine with ^so much force it hurt. I tried to break the kiss, but he wouldn't let me.
  9. I almost passed out right before he broke the kiss for air. "What the hell!" I yelled. "you are mine." then we heard a sound like glass shattering downstairs.
  10. Hey gues what??????? CLIFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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