Broken Love Pt 1

Hey, thanks for cliking on my quiz. If you have ever taken a love story quiz, then you know they are every long,but enjoyable. I hope you will enjoy my quiz. P.S. this paragragh is pointless, but read the 2nd.

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!! Hopefuly you are reading this so I can explain the story a little. Your name is Emma and you are 17. You live at home alone after your parents died.(the goverment think your 18) You keep having these strange dreams that are quite awful. There are 3 guys in this but you only see 2. IF you want pictures of what they might look like, please leave a comment so I can make pictures for the next quiz.- Selena:P

Created by: Selena Jefferson

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  1. The darkness and pain are to much. I can't scream, can't move. I want to die more than anything but I can't. I open my mouth, a hopeless attempt to scream, and darkness enter's me. It start's crushing me, doubling the pain. Then, I'm gone. Then I wake up.
  2. I gasp,shooting strait up in bed. I'm alive, I think, I'm ok. My phone is in my hand, open as if I was going to start texting. When I slide the keyboard in, the phone turnes on, showing my wallpaper and the time. Myself and my friend, Alice, stare up at me, smiling. We could be sister's if I had black hair and brown eyes instead of my platinum blonde hair and gray eyes. My hair would also have to be shorter instead of it coming down to the middle of my back. The time say's 6:12. I get up, take a shower, and wear my favorite outfit.
  3. *Fast Forward* I'm sitting in my seat, texting Alice under the desk, pretending to pay attention to the teacher, when I hear someone clearing there throat. I quickly put my blackberry under my thigh and look up at the front. The principle clears his throat one more time and starts talking. " Class I would like to introduce a new student that will be joining your class. Please say hello to Justin Jefferson." No one said hello but I couldn't stop looking at the new guy. My breath caught in my throat when he looked up from the ground. He looked filmilar. He sniffed, like he could smell something, and his shoulders tensed up. He looked right at me and something happened to my chest. It was like there was a hole there, riping open. I gasped and looked away, but the pain was still there. I heard the teacher tell the new kid to sit in the seat by me. When he sat behind me I went up to the teacher. "I can I use the restroom," I asked. He nodded and when I got to the bathroom, the pain was still there. I locked the girls bathroom door, so no one couldn't come in. I sink to the ground,leaing my head aginst the wall, closing my eyes. Who was that kid? Why did my heart hurt? I could still see the eyes in my head. Everything about him seemed to ring a bell in my head. His messy black hair needed to be cut, but it looked wonederful on him. His blue eyes were like dimond's when he looked at me. The sparkled like the sea did when the moon shown on its serface. The pain was gone and I got up and went out the door, back to the class room.
  4. When I get back into the room, I sit down without looking at Justin, and continue to text Alice. I can feel his eyes on me the whole time, but I don't dare look at him just in case my chest hurts again.
  5. When fourth hour lets out I go to the cafateria and out the back door's to the garden. I sit under a large oak tree and lay aginst its bark. Then someone sits by me. " Hey Alice." I look over at her, waiting for her to say something. "Hey, what's wrong Emma?" I bit on my lip. " Nothing." Its a lie and I know she knows it. " Hey nothing is supposed to bother you. Emma the karate kid," I roll my eyes at her," you also play the piano and guitar." " You done telling me what I already know?" "Yeah, guess so." I sigh and look at her tray that she got from the cafateria. She see's me eyeballing her lunch and say's," I would offer you some but I know your a vegan soooo..." Her sentence dies off when she looks up. I do the same and wish I had not.
  6. Justin was walking to an empty table and sat down. As if he new we were staring at him, he looked in our direction. I looked down, my cheeks flushed bright red. Alice breathed," Emma , I'll be right back." I nodded and watched her walk over to Justin. The pain was there, a mild ache in my chest. There was a voice in my head saying I new him. But I would have known of I had seen him. Alice was sitting across from Justin, leaning in close whispering to him. Then, when I got up from the ground, he snapped his head up, watching me with blazing eyes. The pain turned into a white-hot light, making me stand there all tense. I couldn't take it, I went over to the table and bent down close to Alice and whispered," I have to go, its important." She just nodded, and I walked out to the lot, looking for my car.
  7. When I couldn't find my car, I texted Alice saying she needed to not take the bus home that she needed to drive my car to her house. I needed to walk and clear my head. Why was this happing to me? Alice didn't act like that when she was around him. Why did I then? I was lost in thought for so long that I hadn't relised that I was at a park. I looked at the brown and dead grass. The winter had really taken a toll on the grass, only a few patches were green thanks to the spring sun. I heard footsteps behind me. I started to walk, trying to see if they were following me. They picked up to a brisk walk, so I started fast walking.
  8. I turned around and saw a man right behind me. Only he looked NOTHING like a regular Joe. His skin was gray and purple. He looked like he was on steroids. Instead of arms, he had large meaty muscles. His eyes were covered by dark glasses, even though it was cloudy. He looked at me, and terror ripped through my body. I knew him. He yelled and came running at me, full speed. I turned to my side and kicked his chest. He flew back, but when my foot made contact, a horrable crushing noise split through the air. I fell to the ground, trying to not scream. My vision was blury,but I could make out a figure moving toward me. The blotchy figure looked smaller than the beast and I could bearly see it. I got up to my feet, and ended up back on the ground. Pain had shot up my led screaming at me to stay down.
  9. The sky seemed darker, even though it was only one-ish. I heard the monster guy behind me. I used all the power I had to pull myself off the ground. I could see better now and managed to get on my hand's and knees. Soneone graped me around the waist and yaked me up to a standing postion and I nearly cried. I looked up from my feet and saw a guy holding me. My eyes widened when I took him in. He had golden blond hair and breathtaking gray eyes. There was a happy glint in them. " You ok?" His voice soundened flimilar. "Yeah, my-" I didn't finish before I was on the ground again.
  10. Someone takes me off the ground and I hear someone yelling, " Get her the hell out of here!" I feel a pinch on my neck before I pass out cold.

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