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just saying, this is the normal broken wings, i just accidently ttyped "a" instead of "s", so usual, this isn't important, just skip this ~~~~

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Created by: iLuvMusic99
  1. Everything was black, cold. You were wondering through an endless maze, unable to hear, see or touch. There was omly one thing on your mind: escape. "escape to where?" a voice asked. "yeah, where?" another voice chimed in. "It's not like you can escape, there's nothing out there either." a nagging doubt filled your mind, and a thought occured to you: Why AM I trying to escape anyways? its nice and safe here, there's nothing bad. There's no sadness or hate, and no one's here to make fun of me, why did I EVER think of escaping? that's CRAZY! This thought filled your whole mind, and you stopped walking. The voice continued to speak, "yeah, that's right. it's better to stay here, nice and safe, than go Outside, so horrible." You sank to the floor and closed your eyes, and were just about to fall asleep, when something was bothering you, I've never been to the Outside before, I wanna see! "No you don't, stay here, asleep, don't wake up. If you do, you'll bring destruction, and that'll hurt." But those words coudn't stop your mind moving, Outside! I wanna go! "NO DONT!" the voice was getting desparate, "DONT DONT DONT!" Your sleepy mind was slowly waking up, adn the more it did, the more you thought, why should I listen to that voice, Why can't I go? "NO, YOU CANT! Your her Power, if you wake up..." You stopped for a second, so? I'm Soul, not her. "well...If you Escape, then...Her powers will awaken!" What powers? you thought, What does that have to do with me? "BECAUSE "SHE" IS YOU!" You stopped, and thought for a moment, This thinking is making my head hurt you thought...your mind was drifting asleep.
  2. You jerk awake, and open your eyes, "what kind of dream did you have? you were jerkng all over the place, and mumbling some random things about 'Outside' and 'Soul' and'Escape'" You flipped around, and saw Ian staring at you, you sighed, "I dunno, really. I think it was important..." you wrinke your eyebrows in concentration, trying to remember, "What's this?" Everytime you think your remembering, you hit a block, and you cant go past it. You try to push, but it just gives you a heahache. you winced. "whats's wrong?" you shook your head, "nothing, its just that...everytme I ty to remember...I hit a wall of some sort." you rub your temples, and sighed, "dosn't really matter anyways. Where're the other peoples anyways?" Ian grinned, "You actually FORGOT? wow, i didn't think that even someone as idiotic as YOU would forget!" You lightly punched ian's arm, "What?" "X-MAS, my god, you actually FORGOT." You blushed, "well, it doesn't answer my question, where are they?" Ian looked at you, "buying presents OF COURSE. How thick can you be?" he sighed.
  3. "HOW CAN YOU FORGET? We forgot about you're birthday to, so we're celebrateing it togather, everyone has to buy you 2 gifts." You grinned, "What about you? what're gonna get me?"Ian laughed, "not like i gonna tell YOU! And hurry up and get dressed, you still have to do some chrstmas shopping." You nodded, and shooed Ian out of the room. You collasped back onto the bed, and closed your eyes, trying to get past the barrier. But the harder you tried, the worse the headache became...and befoe you knew it, you fell back asleep...
  4. Everything was colorless, cold, And different. You were alone, and you were fine with that. You were unloved, and fine with tthat. you were lost, and fine with that. But one day, a boy appeared, with dark hair, and a red streak, and you coudn't reconize him. He offered you a rose, and you took it. But when he left, you dropped it, for it had thorns, and could prick your skin. He came again, on the next day, and gave you a rose with no thorns. You accepted it, and he left. He came again, but this time, with a Blue rose. you took it, but he didn;t leave. instead, he stayed, and woke crowns out of flowers. soon, he came everyday, and the world wasn't colorless anymore. And soon, you started to feel something for him. something humans call "love". But the next time he came, he was weeping silently. and you knew. he had to leave you. and you hugged him and weaped together. Suddenly, he stood up. And your tears fell harder. He carrased your face, and his tears fell on your face. He slowly kisses your forhead, and there was a flash of light, and a star shaped scr appeared the place your skin and his lips met. He straitened up, and you could see that he wasn't crying anymore. the only tear left, was crimson. you reached up to wipe it, but whne you touched his skin, it burned, and a scar the twin of yours appeared. He reached to his neck, and pulled out a pendent, and passed it too you. he unfurled a pair of magnificent wings, and just like that, he was gone. the only sign that he has ever been there was the pendent, and your scar. all of a sudde, you were alone again, but you weren;t fine with that. you were unloved again, but not fine with that. you were lost, but not fime with that. But the next day, you were, because you forgot about the boy you once loved. The only thing out of place was th ependent and you fading scar.
  5. "______! WAKE UP!!!" a exasperated voice called. you slowly opened your eyes, and sat up. "Finally! the guys are back and we still need to go sho--hey, why're you crying?" you touched your eye, and was surprised to see that it was wet. but slowly, you remembered your dream, and tears started to roll down your face. "h-hey, ________, what's wrong?" Ian sat next to you, and pat your heead. you shok your head, too choked uo for words. there was knock on the door, and hikari came in followed by stefen, "hey, hurry up we can't wait fore--why is _______ crying?" Stefen just imeidietly crossed the room and buried you in a bear hug. Next cam theo, who heard the commotion. He saw you crying, ang immedietly went to your side. fang came bursting into the room when he saw everyone crouded there. when you saw him, you rushed up to him and brushed away the hair covering one eye, and there, was the scar. "so it was you" you managed to whisper.
  6. Fang looked confused, "______, what do you mean?" You dropped the pendent into Fang's hand that was in your hand since you woke up. Fang's face had a couple diffrent expressions in a few seconds--surpise, understanding, confuzzled, and surprise again. but he was silent when he oulled you ino a hug, and he whispered in your ear, "you remember."
  7. you nodded, and suddenly giggled, "this is so cunfuzzling, it was like that day when you accidently hit your head and got temperary memory loss, remember hikari?" you turned toward hikari, who wrikled his brow, "what do you mean?" your face fell, "remember? at brookland mall, We were 6, you were running and tripped over something, and hit your head!" hiakri shook his head. you walked over to him and looked at his forhead, "you see, you still have the scar, right there!" hikari still shook his head, "now that i think about it, I can't remember any of my memoried brfore I was 8..." Ian looked concerened, "think hard, can you remmeber anything?" hikari shook his head, "I'll try harder," all of a sudden, hikari's eyes glowed gold.
  8. Theo pointed at his eyes, "...hikari...your eyes..." hikari shook his head, "what?" you stared, "they'!" "gold? now that you mention it..i feel a bit..." hikari fainted.
  9. sorry, its so short.....
  10. if anyone has any ideas, pplz tell me in the comments or email me--LuvMusic216@hotmail(.)com

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