When Winter Comes 8

Finally it's out! For those of you who have been waiting, the waiting is over! You have moved to Chicago for the last part of your vacation. Who will you fall for?

There are quite a few twists and turns in this one! I have made it as thrilling as possible. A mysterious picture of a girl and Jake? You doing Derek's hair? You squishing a flower? Lol. And someon has broken into your hotel room?!!

Created by: Kirsteen111

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  1. You get a perfect night's rest! For the first time in a long time. You wake up pretty early and get yourself dressed for the day. You eat breakfast and decide to go to Jake's room to visit.
  2. You walk into his room. You see that the bathroom light is on. So you take a seat on the coach to wait. You see an open brief case right next to you. You look inside to see a picture of Jake hugging a girl.
  3. You can see the picture is recent and that the girl is really pretty. "Who is this girl?" you think. Then you hear the bathroom door open. Quickly you put the picture back in the suitcase. "Oh! ------! I wasn't expecting you. Let me go get dressed and stuff" He iss wearing his pants very low and had no shirt on. He returns to the bathroom. You take out the photo again. You read the back. It says, "Forever you are my love." It appears that part was in Jake's handwriting. At the bottom it says the woman's name was Jesse..
  4. Jake walks in before you have a chance to put the picture down. He grabs it out of your hand. Then he looks at you angerly. You are surprised at his reaction and run out of his room! He runs out after you "Wait! I'm sorry.." You don't turn back even though he keeps calling your name
  5. You turn and walk backwards to see if Jake is still behind you. He isn't so you turned around but, SLAM! You run right into Wesley. You can see he is looking down at the flower you just crushed by running into him.
  6. "This was for you" He says with a smile. You say, "I'm so sorry! I just wasn't looking." He laughs and says "That's ok we can get another one." He grabs your hand and rushes you out the door. You two end up at a local garden.
  7. He plucks another one and tells you to smell it. You take the flower, close your eyes and smell. It is the most amazing smell. You breathe out and hafly open your eyes. Wesley takes your head and kisses your cheek. You smile. "You are more beautiful every day." He says then he leaves you.
  8. You walk back towards the huge hotel when you see a resturaunt not too far away and decide to get your avorite drink. Across the street you catch a glimpse of Trent Being pushed around by some older and taller men. You look away. You don't want to ever see him again. You enter the resturaunt.
  9. You walk in the resturaunt and see Derek at a table. He calls you over. You sit next to him. "Hi!" He says you smile back and ask how his day is going.
  10. You two finish your meal and decide to go over to his room for awhile. "So," He starts, "What should we do?" You pause for a moment to think of something fun. "I know! But its a surprise! Close your eyes and don't open till I say so." You tell him. He obeyingly closes his eyes. You take out your new hair brush and make up. You are going to give him a make over.
  11. You say, "Now open your eyes!" Derek opens his eyes to look into a mirror. Then he gasps loudly "I LOOK LIKE A GIRL!" You giggle. You did that on purpose. You both laugh about it. He then kisses you. With his hand on your cheek, he whispers into your ear, "I love you."
  12. You return back to your hotel room. Things couldn't be better. Until, something happens. After you turn out the lights you lie down in bed. But before even a minute passes, you hear your door knob being turned.. You think you are imagining it until the door slightly opens. You can't see much because the lights are out but you do hear foot steps. They get closer and closer. Your heart is pounding. You find yourself being scared to death!
  13. You are so scared but you have to know who's there! You run as fast to the door as you can and turn on the light switch right next to it! You accidently closed the door in the process.

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