Love Complications Pt 8

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It's been a while guys! It's been so long since I posted the last one of these and I'm sorry for the wait! Thanks guys for waiting though! Please hit submit and Comment & Rate 10!

This is a story of Love and Complications. It's becoming even more confusing with all the twists and turns. What will happen? Will you fall for one or loose them all?

Created by: Bluebird
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  1. *Recap* You found out something interesting about both Daniel and Cole. You found Alys's lost son (who is still not a result cause i didn't get enough input into it. Comment if you think he should) Felix. You talked with Axle and had doughnuts and coffee. You kissed and then you walked away. Comprende?
  2. I think he was tempted to follow but I had already teleported. What? It was raining and I couldn't be bothered getting any more wet! And I did teleport, right into Damien's arms. "Hey there stranger," I said to him and he greeted me with a kiss... on the lips... I pushed him back, not that it wasn't nice but I just didn't expect it. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" I yelled at him. "So you remember Vance but you don't remember me, great, I'm taking it that your affair lasted a while." "I did not have an affair with Vance!" No matter how many times he tried I would not give in. Damien just laughed. So I just slapped him in the face, like I did his brother. "Ouch Wren!" I saw it then, the planning of the wedding, him getting down on one knee... I stumbled back a few steps, "Lupin..." and that wasn't a question, more of an accusation. "That's why you were mad at me? Because you thought I was having an affair with Vance? You didn't trust me at all!" "I walked into a room where you two had snuck off together and I saw you doing more than being 'just friends'!" "It was just a kiss that Vance initiated and tried to get more. He was the one that pulled me to that god awful room and forced himself upon me!" I saw Lupin- sorry Damien- hesitate. "Oh that's how it always was, you trust your blood thirsty, gets anything he wants, vampire of a brother instead of me?!" "He wanted you..." Damien whispered. "Well I'm the exception! I didn't fall for your stupid brother because I loved you!" He just stood there shocked while I stepped back, "The key there was the past tense, you broke my heart and I never found a way to use it again, until now... and now you're threatening that very rare chance that I give myself, to be attached to people." At the last word I was walking away towards Raven's house, head down with my hands in my pockets, trying to hold back the tears.
  3. The door was already open when I stepped in but I really didn't want to face anyone at the moment. I wanted to talk to Felix and Alys but I needed to give them some time alone. I sighed and figured that I'd go find Daniel. He seemed to understand better than I gave him credit for most of the time. I was about to head into the lounge room when Raven mind connected with me from the kitchen, 'I don't think you want to go in there.' 'And why not?' 'Because Cole's in there.' I instantly steered clear of the lounge room, 'Don't they have their own home to go to?' 'Yes but they're waiting around for you.' 'Well you can tell them to leave because there's no way I'm talking to them.' 'I don't know who them includes.' "Cole and Damien, or should I say Vance and Lupin." I was leaning against the frame of the kitchen door with my arms crossed as Raven came up to me, "You're crying..." he had a softness to his voice and I remember, he's really the only one that understands, the need to fit in, what it feels like to be a nephilim... "No I'm not!" But the teardrop on Raven's finger begged to differ. I was silently crying and I didn't even notice, great! "He's upstairs if you want him," I assumed he was referring to Daniel. I wiped at my cheeks as Raven hugged me and kissed my forehead, "You ok now," he asked softly as he looked down at me. "Yea and thanks." I sniffled but I was alright... for now. I went out of the kitchen and up the stairs.
  4. Daniel was on the balcony, staring out the window. "I haven't scared you off yet?" he laughed awkwardly. "Not a chance mind reader boy." I had made sure to put up my walls in my mind. I didn't want him peeking around in there. "I know what you're thinking sometimes without even going into your mind. It's ok Eliza, I don't look into other people's minds unless I have to or I get permission first." "I know but having you here has brought me to a realization." "And what is that?" "That you might not be the only mind reader out there..." "Oh..." "Yea..." He turned to look at me and I to him. "You're sad, I can see it written all over your face." I wiped at imaginary tears on my face and gave a little sniffle and then a little laugh. "Guess those years as a mind reader has made you great at identifying body language and facial expressions." "Yes that but there's a sadness in your eyes. One that I think has been there for a very long time but other have been to blind to see it." He was looking past me then, more into me, spiritual like. "Your soul, it's so sad..." he was leaning in to touch my cheek and I leaned into his touch. We were looking into each other eyes and...
  5. My phone rang. We looked away, I wasn't sure who did first but Daniel was staring at something invisible in the distance and I was answering my phone. "What?" I felt like screaming into the phone. "You need to get down here, please!" Alys wasn't even fazed by my anger. "Kind of in the middle of something Alys!" "Yea well so were we when he came crashing in." I knew who she was talking about. "I'll be right there, don't let Felix or yourself get hurt." "That's what we're trying to do!" "Alys you're a shape shifting nephilim, you can do this!" "I still need your help... you always know how to handle situations like this and plus he just knocked down your front door." "On my way!" No one damages my house and gets away with it! So I teleported and landed right in front of Cole. I could sense Felix was in his full form. Oh yea, well Felix was kind of a weird mix. Since hi father was a vampire he's part vampire but since his mother is a nephilim and a shape shifter then he is that as well... so he's a vampire, nephilim, shape shifter... it's kind of confusing. In his full form he had beautiful black wings and pointy fangs, along with a mark on his arm that named him as a shape shifter. He reverted back to normal once he saw me and he had a look of gratitude in his eyes. "Cole get the f*** out of here!" "Hey, hey, language!" my mother had the care to remind me. But I just ignored her, "I've had enough today, I can't handle all of this! I'm handling a past life, a new life and a couple of guys that need to focus on their own lives instead of ruining mine! I had a good thing going but you had to show up and ruin it all! I was living a fairly normal life, I had everything I wanted. A best friend who is amazing, a high school to go too, I'd even found a guy who was a nephilim, something I haven't seen before! And then you and your brother come and ruin it!" "So I see he told you." "More like I found out when I slapped him across the face!" Was I imagining it or did he actually shrink back from my anger? "Get out of my house, leave my friends alone, don't even say hi to me in the halls because if you do I swear I will zap you straight to hell!" I think he actually looked hurt as he ran off but I must have been mistaken. That b------ can't feel hurt even if it slapped him in the face.
  6. When he was gone I didn't even turn to face everyone. "I'm going to school, going to see if I can catch the last period." So that's what I did, I ran to school and after I cleaned up in the girl’s bathroom I entered my home economics class right on time. I went over to my bench and i was surprised to see Axle there. "I'm surprised you actually came today," I said to him. "Unlike you Eliza, I don't ditch school." I gave him a 'you can't be serious' look and he chuckled, "Most of the time," he whispered. I hit him with the look again, "Ok some of the time..." he finally admitted and I laughed quietly. The teacher was explaining how to cook apple pie. What did the teacher think we were in, kindergarten? It was probably for the dumb groupies benefit but I found it quite tedious. So Axle and I started. By the time he finished talking the smell of apple pie filled the room because Axle and I had already made at least three each. So I told the teacher what I thought, "Come on teach, we aren't in primary school anymore, you don't need to spend three quarters if an hour explaining how to make the filling. If these dim wits have half a brain in there heads- which by the way I highly doubt- then they will look at there recipe and ask for help from you when they need it. I thought we were supposed to be cooking today, not talking about ways to bore everyone to death." Everyone was looking at me like I was suicidal or something, which from experience with this teacher I probably was. "What did you say to me?" The teacher asked. "You heard what I said, teach," I added in that last part just to annoy him. "Do not talk to me like that young lady!" "Oh I know, respect your elders and all-" "Ms. Gouldbourne! I don't know how things ran in your old school but here it is not acceptable!" "See now you're the one interrupting me, interrupting is very rude teach!" I said in the exact same tone of voice he was using. Now I'd done it, "PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE GOULDBOURNE!" "Totally worth it," I mumbled as I high fived Axle. "AND DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON YOUR WAY OUT!" "Don't have to shout sir." I said in a calm voice as I walked out. I didn't even go to the principles office, I walked straight back into the classroom with my classmates still in awe and I grabbed my apple pies. "I'll take those!" Then I slid a couple onto a table for the rest of the class. "Might as well you know, not gonna get any from him or yourselves because everyone knows that you won't be doing any cooking today!" Everyone started diving for the pies as I took a couple to take home. "See you teach!" I mock saluted him and winked at him as I walked out the door followed by the not so sweet reply of, "GOULDBOURNE!"
  7. Sorry but I'm gonna have to cut it there! I know that I haven't put this out in like 6 months, that's half a year! I'm sorry about that but I hope you enjoyed it and I hopefully won't take that long to put out the next one!
  8. No matter what the others are doing, just because I've stopped putting out quizzes frequently doesn't mean I'm moving over to Wattpad. Not that there's anything wrong with that but for the moment I'm just going to post my stuff on here.
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