Love Complications Pt 2

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Hey guys. This is Love Complications Pt 2. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I also put animes in the results for Cole, Axle, Raven and Damein. Sorry for any spelling mistakes too.

I want to thank all the people who commented and rated for Love Complications Pt 1. Thanks so much. You got the love in the first part. Here are the complications. But are they really complications for you?

Created by: Bluebird

  1. *RECAP: So, Raven left and you heard a noise behind you.* Got it?
  2. A WOLF! (Yea, not what you expected right.) It was pulling your sleeve with it's teeth. Urging you to follow it. You figured it was not going to let go until you followed, so you went. It went deeper and deeper into the forest, so, you did too. It tugged on your sleeve everytime you slowed down. You think you finally reached the destination cause it stopped. "Where am I?" You said, expressing your thought out loud. You were in a clearing. You could see the cresent moon in the sky and all the little, shining stars. But you were thinking specific destination. You looked around. The wolf bounded into your peripheral vision. It looked kind of cute in the moonlight. You turned to face it and you saw the wolf change. Into a human? You ran over and you saw, in the place of the wolf... Damien? He got up and stretched like he just woke up. "Oh, hey Eliza." He said after he'd finished stretching. "I bet I'm freaking you out right now, aren't I? I understand if you never want to talk to me again..." He kept rambling on and on but you stopped him by laughing. You were laughing at his rambling, you found it kind of cute and because you've seen wierder. Being a nephilim can do that to ya. "Why are you laughing? Did I miss out on a funny joke?" He said, giving you a confused look that only made you laugh harder. Once you'd composed yourself you said, "So your a werewolf ay." "Yea, I guess so." "I've got to go but I'll see you at school." He looked completely dumbfounded about how you didn't totally overiact when you found out he was a werewolf. You climbed in your window and you fell asleep in your clothes, thinking about...
  3. You finally managed to get out of bed in the morning. Half an hour later than normal! Oh well, you didn't need a shower this morning. Nah, you could just have one after school. So you threw on a pair of jeans and a purple top with ruffled sleeves. While you were searching for a jacket you found a leather jacket. One you were sure you didn't have before. There was a note with it. 'Eliza, I don't know when we will meet next, but I want you to have this to remember me by. I saw you looking at it last night. Don't worry, I have a few. Whenever we meet next... Raven.'
  4. So you put on the leather jacket, not caring whether it matched your clothes or not. You could smell his scent of wildflowers and thought back to last night. You thought, 'How could I forget? Raven's eyes are a mesmirising shade of violet. This outfit would suit perfect with the leather jacket.' So you run down the stairs, grab a fudge poptart and sprint to school. But as soon as you get out the door you see... Raven. You walk up to him, "Hey." "Hey Eliza." "How are you?" "Good and you."
  5. (no matter what you were thinking) you said, "fine just a bit of a rush this morning." "Can I walk you to school?" "Of course you can." So he linked his arm with yours and you started walking. You could still sense something about him so you decided to ask, even if he thought you were crazy. But you both ended up saying, "Are you a nephilim?" At the exact same time! You both cracked up laughing and said, "Yes." "I thought I was the only one." He said. "So did I. It just got so lonely you know. Always the odd one out." "Yea." You two finally reached the school gates. "This is where I depart Eliza." "You go to a private school right?" "Yea." You touched his cheeck and pushed your cell number into his head. "Call me. And don't forget the number." "I wouldn't foget the number if my life depended it." Then he walked away.
  6. So you walked inside the school gates and basically ran to home economics. You were late! But it was so worth it. You pushed open the doors and walked in. Everyone was staring at you. "Sorry I'm late." "You are excused, but the question is. Why were you late?" "My alarm clock died?" You said as you shrugged your shoulders. You walked to your table that you were sharing with Axle. Then the 'most popular guy' in school piped in while you walked past, "Oh, it died. When's the funeral and how come I wasn't invited." "Because you're a jackass." "Oh, harsh word Eliza, harsh words." You ignored him and walked the rest of the way to your table. "Hey." Said Axle as soon the class started cooking. "Hey."
  7. By the end of your class you ended up burning your cake and you had flour all over you! You walked out of the classroom and quickly dusted yourself off. You had P.E next and you hated P.E, so you ditched. And apparently, so did Axle. You were just lying there 'innocently' he hugged you from behind. "Hey gorgeous." "Hey Axle." You knew who it was even before you looked at him. "I know you found out what that mut Damien is." "So?" "I wanted to tell you how I fall into this cracked up world." "Then tell me." He unfurled a beautiful pearly set of white wings. "That's more like showing me." You said, clearly not impressed. You have you own pair, except yours are white with gold streaks. "Your not freaked out or astounded." "No." "Not one little bit?" "No." "How is that possible. I'm charming." You knew what he was because he showed you but you weren't ready to tell anyone your secret. Raven was the only one who knew. Other than your mum, dad and your best friend Alys. "Look there's no need for the silent treatment. I know I'm wierder than you're used to but I'm not a monster and I have to admit, neither are the other, despite how much we hate each other. And no this isn't like those quizzes on the internet were we knock you out and take you to a big masion." (no matter how good those quizzes are, it's not my storyline.) Then for once, I was saved by the bell.
  8. *I'm going to make a time skip till lunch, okay and I'm going to make it first person because at the moment it's just easier* Lunch, yea. The one time at this school I can relax. I sat down at an empty table when the 'popular guy' came up to me. "Hey Eliza, still haven't gotten that invitation." "Go away." "No, I don't think I will." And he sat down. Great, another problem to deal with. Lucky, this time, I didn't have to. Cole came up to us. "Is he bothering you Eliza cause I can take care of that." "In fact, I was just about to leave this dump of a cafeteria." I said and got up leaving an annoyed guy, what was his name, I think it was... James, that's it. So me and Cole are outside. (I'm not really a grammar fan) We sat on a flat patch of grass. "Guess it's my turn to shed the truth." "Let me guess, vampire." "Yea, how did you know." Busted... I'd sensed it and shouldn't have let it slip, so I said, "One of the other guys told me." Surprisingly still keeping a straight face. I thought that was a good excuse because they didn't like each other and didn't communicate often. Again I was saved by someithing, or someone. "Eliza!" I turned and saw... my best friend Alys! "Alys!" We ran and hugged each other. She was nephilim too and that's why she new my secret. "I heard the guys were flocking over you here." "I guess." "So why didn't you tell me you were in California?" (did I meantion that's where you are?) "Sorry I didn't call." "Sorry! You owe me a coffee." Ah, good old Alys. "I'd be happy to give you that coffee after school." "Perfect!" Then the bell rang. I turned to say goodbye to Cole but he wasn't there. "Where did he go." I thought out loud. "He ran out of the school gates a few minutes ago." "Oh, okay then." "See you later!" We said at the same time and I went to class.
  9. But as I was walking to class I bumped into someone. I looked up. You saw a guy with blonde, messy hair and sapphire blue eyes. He looked new. But you wondered, 'why would someone start school on the second day of the school year.' "Sorry." He said in a rush. He looked up at you. "Hi my name is Daniel."
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!! Hey guys, I'm gonna leave it there. I know it wasn't that long but the questions were longer than last time. I tried to get every character and add a couple more so I hope you liked it. Comment & Rate!

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