Love Complications Pt 4

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Hey guys welcome to the forth quiz of the series! I hope you like it. I think this was one of the best Love Complications one's I've written so far. Thanks to everyone who commented and rated the last quiz!

This is a story of Love and Complications. It's becoming even more confusing with all the twists and turns. What will happen? Will you fall for one or loose them all?

Created by: Bluebird

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  1. *Recap* You met Daniel, James was mean to you, you stormed out of class, you had an encounter with Axle which Damien, thankfully, interrupted. You sneaked out of the school with Raven and happened to stumble upon Cole on your walk. You go on what seems like a coffee double date with Daniel as your date and Alys and Axle. You get a text from your mum. You left and Daniel came with you, you watched movies with him and then Alys came along. She confronted you about Axle and you told her, in front of Daniel. She said sorry, Daniel didn't seem shocked at all and you knew Daniel was hiding a secret. Comprende?
  2. That night Daniel stayed over and we fell asleep on the couch after playing cluedo. I won. We fell asleep in each others arms but when I woke up early. When I say early I mean like six in the morning. I woke up to find him gone. I looked around the house and came back to find a note on the table. It said, 'I had to go. A friend needed my help. I'll see you at school. Daniel xoxo.' I did my morning routine and then I thought I'd put on something nice. I put on a one shoulder white top with ruffles at the top and jeans. I shrugged on the leather jacket from Raven and went outside to my car. I don't know if I mentioned this before but it was a beautiful black Mercedes. I know I'm not of age to drive yet but the ability comes with being a nephilim. I buckled myself in and started the engine. I got to school in enough time. I had art again. And it sucked. I had to sit next to James again and he smirked as I sat down, "Can't get enough of me huh?" "In your dreams..." I was going to finish with a word that should not be said ever but the teacher interrupted. "Hello class. After yesterday’s outburst." I swear he looked at me with the evil eye when he said outburst, "We're just going to do some freehand drawing today." I got out my pencils and started on my sketching. I let my hand guide me up and down the page and I looked at it after I'd finished. I didn't know what I'd drawn and I was in kind of a shock when I saw I'd drawn Raven. I guess I thought that if I drew Raven that there would be one thing in this room that would understand me. Relate to what I am. My hand automatically picked up the charcoal and a shimmering violet paint. I didn't even know how those got there. 'Oh no,' I thought. 'Did I really just use magic in a classroom?' But I was so caught up in the drawing that it didn't matter. When I'd finished I looked at it wonder. I couldn't believe I'd drawn something so... beautiful.
  3. James looked across at my easel and scowled. "This is no time to draw your imaginary boyfriend Eliza." If anything I could hear a tinge of jealousy in his voice. "He's not imaginary and I intend to give him this later." "So you have a boyfriend." He says in shock. "No you..." Again before I could say anything else, the teacher came. He looked at my easel and stood there completely shocked and entranced. "H-How did you draw this. You've never done anything like this before." "I guess I never had the right inspiration." With that the bell went and I took the painting with me. I couldn't wait to see the look on Ravens face. I decided to skip food tech. It was the only class I had Axle in and he was my partner so I didn't feel very comfortable. I hopped over the gate where I saw Raven slumped against a wall. He got up and his bleeding lip instantly healed. He looked around and then saw me, "Oh hey Eliza. What have you got there." He said while he pointed at the painting. I turned it over and showed him, "I did it in art class and I thought you'd like to have it." "Thanks Eliza." I handed him the painting and he teleported it to his house somewhere. He came over and took my hands in his. "Eliza I..." But he didn't get to finish because there was a sound behind us and I turned to see a guy with weapons of all sort. I didn't know him but his backup was coming and I screamed. Raven held me close and kissed my forehead. "Eli go and run. As fast as you can." He said as he cupped my face and pushed me away from the hunters. There were still more coming. "I'm not leaving without you!" I shouted as I tried to get a grip on Raven's arm. "If you don't leave either do I!" Raven turned to me with a concerned expression on his face. After a second of thought the hunters where upon him and he started running. He grabbed my arm and teleported. We arrived on the floor of his living room. "Raven." "Eli." He came over and hugged me tightly. I hugged him back and sobbed into his shirt but he didn't seem to care. We were still on the floor but we didn't care about that either. I looked up from his tear stained shirt and looked him in the eyes, "Eli why didn't you run? Those hunters... they could have killed you." "They could have killed you to and that would have killed me inside. They would have taken you away from me. You're the only person I know who understands me, who understands what I've gone through." I turned to him. "They were going to take you away from me." I let out a big sob again and I buried my face into his chest and cried again. "Eli I love you." He whispered into my hair and then he kissed my forehead. "Raven..." But I didn't get to finish before the door burst open. "But I protected this house from hunters!" He said, surprised.
  4. He looked towards the entryway hall as a figure stepped into out vision. It was... Damien. Figures. He's always there when I'm about to say something to a guy. Cole appeared beside him and I stared in shock as Raven went up and fist bumped them. "Eli this is..." "Damien and Cole." I finished for him. "You know them." "I go to school with them." I replied. I turned to Cole. "So this is where you've been going to." "Some of the time yes." He replied. "Anyways, what are you doing here?" Damien interrupted. "I was talking to Raven and then the hunters showed up." I said. "Are you sure you were only talking?" Said Cole in a disgusted voice. "Positive, airhead." Raven scowled at Cole. "What does Eliza have to do with this anyway." Said Damien. Interrupting the hostile mood. I looked at Raven and he nodded at me. I crossed my arms and told them. About me being a nephilim. My dad was an angel, my mother a human. I told them what had happened when the hunters came and told them why I wasn't shocked that they were supernatural. "Y-You're a nephilim." They both concluded. "Yea but so is Raven so I don't get what the big deal is." "She doesn't have a sense on her." Damien said while looking at Raven. "That's what I found puzzling as well." "Hello! I'm still in the room." I interrupted them. "What is this about?" "You know about the sense that all of us have. That's how you could tell we were something. Well the hunters have equipment that tells them what things are supernatural and what aren't. But you, you don't have a sense on you. That's what's strange." Raven said. "Raven?" "Yes." "I think it's time I talked to my parents." Then I teleported before there very eyes.
  5. I appeared in my kitchen and my mum dropped her book, "Oh honey! I forgot you could do that. Why aren't you at school?" "I need answers mum! A group of hunters came after me and my friend Raven and then Cole and Damien showed up and said I didn't have a sense. What's up with that?" "Honey you better sit down." I sat down on the chair opposite her at the kitchen table. "You know how we said your father was an angle. Well we lied." "But if you're both human than how come I have these powers?" "Honey let me finish. I'm not human and either is your father. We're both nephilim. You're the first full nephilim born from two nephilim parents in centuries. You get more special powers than any other nephilim and you are stronger, more precious to the nephilim race and... you don't have a sense on you." "But... why didn't you tell me this before?" "Honey we wanted to but we didn't think it was the right time." "Mum I love you." "I love you too honey." I went over and hugged her and then decided to go back to school before anyone figured it was much more than me just ditching class.
  6. I walked through the school grounds and heard a loud giggling as I passed a group of people. I was naturally curious so I looked past the people to see Axle and one of James fan girls making out. Everyone was crowded around them but I shrank back in disgust. I literally vomited a bit in my mouth. I rushed away and I turned back to see Daniel coming after me. I turned to look forward to where I was walking and I met Axle's eye. I looked at him with distaste and then I rushed off to my locker. I opened my locker and a note fell out. I picked it up and opened it. After I read the short note it fell to the ground as I fell onto my knees. It said, 'How do you like your Raven now.' There was a picture of him. His chest bare, showing scars and bruises and he had his hands tied behind his back. I looked at the message again and saw it was written in blood. Ravens blood. I sobbed right there in the corridor for everyone to see.
  7. I tried to track his sense. It came out fuzzy at first but then I got a clear way. He was in an abandoned warehouse at the other side of town. I got up from the ground and ran. Forgetting all that my locker was open and that it was covered in blood. I'd left the note there too but I didn't care. All I wanted was for Raven to be safe. It took me a few minuted to get out of the school with the human pace I was using, so I wouldn't raise any suspicions and I burst out the gate. I turned the corner and ducked being a trash can where I teleported right into the room where Raven was being held. I turned to see Raven strapped to a surgical bench. I ran over to him and unstrapped him from the bench one strap at a time. I was up to the third one out of four but a figure pushed me away from Raven. They flung me against the wall and I screamed, "Raven!" I quickly got up and ran to him. Only to get pushed back again. This time I was angry. I charged past him. Braking his arm as he tried to push me again. He screamed in pain and frustration. "But that isn't possible! You don't have the trace!" I turned to the hunter. "Go jump off a bridge!" I yelled at him. Somehow I had a mind controlling voice on and he searched around for a bridge. He couldn't find one so he settled for jumping out a window instead. I could hear his screams and then... silence. I unstrapped Raven from the bench and helped him up. I stared at him. I looked at his scratches and scars on his bare chest and I touched them gently. He flinched in pain and I whispered, "Are you okay?" "No I'm honestly not." He replied. I looked at his face. I leaned in as he did the same and we kissed. It was like we were hungry for each other. He kissed me along my collar bone and up my neck before finally reaching my mouth again and then we heard a loud crash. "Sorry to interrupt." I'd heard that voice before. But it couldn't be. I turned around and saw an expression of shock on there face as I felt the shock spreading to mine as well.
  8. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry guys I'm leaving it there. Hope you liked it. I'm sorry it was a bit short. I need your comments to continue these quizzes! I only got like 2 comments on the last quiz. So I hope you liked it! Comment & Rate 10!
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  10. Hope you like it! Comment & Rate 10!

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