Love Complications Pt 1

Hey guys! This is my first quiz and I hope it's a good one! I've taken a lot of these love quizzes and finally decided to make my own. Hope you like it! Enjoy. Or not...

Your name is Eliza Gouldbourn. A 15 year old nephilim (a nephilim is half human, half angel) girl in year 9. You have brown hair, jade green eyes and a little tan. You just transfered to a new school and it's your first day. Anyway, don't want to give too much away. Enjoy.

Created by: Bluebird
  1. Read the top. It gives you a little info on yourself.
  2. Sophomore year, great. Like being a freshman wasn't bad enough and I'm going to a new school too, great, just great.
  3. So you walk threw the school doors and accidently walk straight into someone.
  4. You looked up. It was a guy with perfectly styled brown hair and green eyes. "Watch where you're going!" He said as he picked up his books. "I..." "I don't have time to talk to losers anyway." He stormed off.
  5. You watched him go and then walked to your locker. "Sorry about my brother. He's very rude sometimes." You jumped, startled and turned to see a guy with a perfectly toned body, messy blonde hair and blue eyes. "btw, the name's Cole and that was my brother Damien." "Oh, my name's Eliza." "Pretty name." "Thanks."
  6. "Hey, I got to go to class okay. I'll see you later." He said as he walked off. "See ya." You whispered, even though he couldn't hear you. So you went to class. Boring, boring, boring. Damien was there though and that made you feel worse. Remember earlier. *Fast forward* The bell rang for lunch and you walked out of the classroom door. You were about to walk away when Damien grabbed your arm. "Look, Eliza I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so rude before. Can you forgive me?" He gave you a pouty look that made you laugh. "I'll take that as a yes." He says. You walked to the cafeteria but he went to his locker. As you were walking you were thinking:
  7. No matter what you were thinking. You got your food and decided to eat it outside.
  8. You decide to sit on a patch of grass beneath a shady oak tree. It was so peacful here. Suddenly you feel a slight tap on your shoulder, you turned. It was a guy with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes that made you just want to melt into him, he was pretty buff, perfect tan, pretty much my description of tall, dark and handsome. He was wearing a football jersey that had the name, 'Piranhas' on it. The schools football team. "Hey, I'm Axle and you look extremely beautiful in this light." He said, sitting down beside you. "Thanks, I'm Eliza." "Nice to meet you Eliza." "You too. I guess..." You shifted your postion, uncomfortable. You guys sat there in silence for a minute. He was the one that broke it, "You don't talk much do you?" You laughed, "Then obviously you don't know me." "Maybe I should find out." He leaned in when someone came and interrupted you two. "God, can't you keep your hands off a girl for one minute Axle."
  9. And the lucky person who happened to stumble upon you is... Cole? "What are you doing here?" Asked Axle. "Duh, I go to this school idiot." He rested his eyes on you, he clearly didn't recognise you when he stumbled upon you guys. "And stay away from Eliza!" You swear you could see a flash of pure hatred in Cole's eyes. You gasped, you thought Cole was so nice, that he couldn't hurt a fly, you were wrong. Axle grabbed my arm and when you didn't budge, Cole stormed off. "He can blow things out of proportion sometimes. Don't worry about it." Then the bell rang, to late to be saved from the earlier fight and the gaze from Cole at Axle that made you shiver. You pulled a piece of paper from your notebook and scribbled something down on it. You handed it to him, "What is that?" He asks. "It's my phone number. Call me." You said as you walked away. You were tired of classmates and teachers, so. You decided to ditch. You went back home and climbed through your window after you unlocked it. Your powers make you feel like a freak sometimes and the odd one out but, they had their uses.
  10. *time skip* You waited until it was dark, then you looked out the window. You saw a shimmering white light from the lake that was a few blocks down. You decided you wanted to go check it out.
  11. You ran down the blocks and out to the lake. You saw a guy there. About your age with black hair and a red streak. He was wearing a black t-shirt that showed the perfect curves of his muscles with jeans and a leather jacket lay beside him. You sensed something about him too, like, maybe, just maybe, he was like you, but you couldn't tell. There was this mystery about him that was thrilling and inviting. You walked over and sat next to him. "Who are you?" You whispered to him. "I'm Raven and you." He whispered back. "Eliza. Nice to meet you." "Eliza." He said that one word, like he was testing how it sounded on his tongue. The way he said it though, it was intoxicating. "I sense something different about you." He said, again whispering. "I sensed it too, with you." You heard a rustling sound in the distance. "Eliza, I've got to go. You should too. Goodbye." "When will I see you again?" "I don't know Eliza.I don't know." He whispered as he walked off. You stood there in silence watching him leave. When suddenly you hear the rustling in the bushes becoming louder and louder, closer and closer. You start to walk off, more of a run but something pulled you down and you couldn't run, so you turned and saw, standing behind you...
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!! Hey guys, gonna have to wait for part 2 but will I make it? It all comes down to you. When I typed that I felt like a gameshow host. Comment and Rate!!! See ya next time! Maybe...

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