What twilight book are you

The twighlight saga is written by a woman named Stephenie Myers. The story is about a 17 yer old girl who moves from snny Phoenix Arizona to rainny Forks Washington State. there she meets a boy named Edward Cullen.

She learns he is a monster. A VASMPIRE. But it is too late she is already inlove. Complications arrive when werewolves come. The entire time everyone is trying to keep bella-the one wekk element-allive.

Created by: Rachael
  1. What is your favorte color
  2. What is your favorite food
  3. what is your love life like
  4. what is your favorite animal
  5. what is your natural hair color
  6. what is yor favorite sport
  7. what is your ideal pet
  8. what is your favorite gem
  9. What do look for in a guy
  10. did you like the quiz (Doesnt effect outcome)

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Quiz topic: What twilight book am I