How Well Do YOU know TWILIGHT??

Twilight. The amazing, critically acclaimed, New York Times BESTSELLER, written by the WONDERFUL Stephenie Meyer, captivating teens, adults, and everyone in between around the WORLD, creating controversy and obsession.

Do you KNOW this book? I mean ABSOLUTELY KNOW THIS BOOK? Inside and out? Upwards and Down? ALL AROUND TOWN? Are you only Mildly obsessed, or are you FULL ON FANATIC? Take the quiz and I guess we shall see...

Created by: Stay Twilight

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  1. What two animals do Bella and Edward compare themselves to?
  2. What Drug Does Edward Refer to as an Example for Bella?
  3. What Color is Edward's Hair?
  4. Who is the Oldest of the "Cullen Boys"?
  5. What Kind of Car Does Edward Drive [Most Often]?
  6. Who is it that Doesn't Quite Warm Up to Bella Very Quickly?
  7. What City Does Edward Find Bella Being Stalked by 'Creepy Guys'?
  8. Where is it that Bella is Bitten by an Evil Vampire?
  9. Who First Tells Bella About the Vampires?
  10. What is QUILEUTE?
  11. What is Edward's 'Special Talent'?
  12. Who Wrote this Book?
  13. In What State is Forks?
  14. What do Vampires do in the Sun?
  15. What Year Was Edward Cullen Born in?
  16. What Was the Cover Up Story for When Bella Was Bitten By James?
  17. What Sport do the Vampires Enjoy?
  18. Under What Conditions Can the Vampires Play Their Games?
  19. What is Emmett's Favorite thing to HUNT?
  20. Where Does Edward Take Bella in the End of the Story?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know TWILIGHT??