How much about Twilight do you know?

There are many Twilight fans. Millions and millions of them but can you distinguish yourself from them.If you got the guts to see it all fall in to place, to see if you really aren't just another craze nonordinary Twilight fan.

Are YOU a twilight fan,well are you?Do you know everything about it?Until now there has been no better Twilight test to see if you are a true Twilight ordinare.

Created by: twifreak

  1. What is the population of Forks?
  2. What does Charley state on their ride to Bellas new life in his car?
  3. What comment does Bella make when she is going up to her new room?
  4. Does Bella love her new home coming present?
  5. Does Jacob wear a wig in the movie?
  6. Who sees Bella first in the movie?
  7. Does Bella get hurt in the car crash?
  8. Does Bella actually believe Edward when she asks him about the car crash?
  9. What does Edward say about the car crash?
  10. Is Edward actually there when Bella wakes up at night?
  11. What is James first line in the movie?
  12. What question does Bella ask in the whole entire movie?
  13. What does vampire effect does Edward do in the meadow?
  14. What statment does Edward say in the forest?
  15. Where do the Cullens think Bella is from?
  16. What stament does Alice make in the movie?
  17. What statment does Edward make in the tree scene?
  18. Does Edward and Jasper knock into each otherwhile trying to cath a ball?
  19. Who is the last one to pitch in the baseball scene?
  20. What is one of Steph. favorite lines?
  21. Why does rosalie rub a tree?
  22. Do they use stunt doubles for the ballet scene?
  23. Does Edward almost kill Bella when trying to save her?
  24. Does Bella ask Edward to make her a vampire while they're dancing?
  25. What does Bella tell Jacob to say to his fathers message?

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Quiz topic: How much about Twilight do I know?