How well do you know the twilight books and characters

there are loads of people who claim to be a twilight fan but have no idea when it comes to "team edward or team jacob" if they did they would pick one easily...a true fan of twilight would know at least half of these questions so can you prove yourself??

which team are you on? you would know if your a true fan but take this 20 question quizz and find out...are you a TRUE twilight fan or just another wanna be on the cullen fanclub?? take this and find out for yourself..

Created by: Becca Hopkins
  1. Finish this twilight quote-"and so the lion fell in love with the ???"
  2. where does bella first see edward cullen ?
  3. why doesn't edward like sitting next to bella for the first time?
  4. who first tells bella about the vampires?
  5. why does edward take bella out of the cloud bank and into the sun?
  6. how does edward get into bella's room at night?
  7. when they first kiss why does edward stop ?
  8. what year was edward cullen born?
  9. who wrote the books?
  10. in new moon why does bella, ride a motorcycle ad jump off a cliff?
  11. in breaking dawn what do they name their baby?
  12. edward says that he will only change bella if she...
  13. when carlise changed edward what was he dying of?
  14. why does bella move to forks?
  15. How old id bella when edward changes her?
  16. what are all the cullens/hale's names?
  17. who sings the theme tune for twilight?
  18. who plays edward and bella?
  19. in what order are the twilight saga?
  20. what is the cover story when james bites bella?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the twilight books and characters