How Well Do You Know 'Twilight'?

Twilight is an amazing debut to the saga of books, and also a very successful film. It's a beautiful story with adorable (and hateable) characters. If you haven't read the books I recommend that you do - even people who usually hate reading will be hooked on it!

How well do YOU know this amazing story. The test wil mark you out of 100 and wil ask you questions about the book and the film. So, get your thinking caps and remember, no peeking at the book!

Created by: Dizzy
  1. In what year was Edward made a vampire?
  2. What is the name of where Jacob lives?
  3. What is the name of Bella's stepdad?
  4. Who is the first person Bella meets at Forks High School?
  5. What do the Cullens cook Bella in the film?
  6. Where is Bella when Edward saves her from thugs?
  7. What type of car does Charlie give Bella?
  8. In the film, what is Bella's favourite pudding?
  9. In what state is Forks?
  10. What did they say happened to Bella to cover up the fact that she had been attacked by James?
  11. Who is driving the truck that nearly crushed Bella?
  12. What song plays over the baseball scene in the film?
  13. In the film, what mascot is Forks High School home to?
  14. Why can't vampires go out in the Sun?
  15. What does Bella do in the vampire baseball game?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know 'Twilight'?