The Ultimate Twilight quiz ( 4 true Twilighters only)

This is a Twilight quiz! I know that there are alot of Twilight quizes out there, but I don't think that any of them are quite like this one! I think that if you put the time and effort to try to look up these things in your books, then it really won't be that hard!

I know that they are random questions, but that can be fun, challanging, and to some stupid! My friends had a hard time with it though. So it would give you something to do even if it's not the geatest!

Created by: doesntmatter
  1. What color is Edward's eyes the FIRST time Bella sees him?
  2. How many times did the author use the word I or I'd in the preface?
  3. Does Edward sit to Bella's left or right?
  4. Who said "No blood, no foul"?
  5. Where was Bella going as an excuse for not going to the spring dance?
  6. Finish the sentence. "I'm sorry,I'm...
  7. How many months went by between the time Edward left and the time Bella became Jacobs best friend?
  8. In the books, the word chagrin is used many times. What does that word mean?
  9. What is the temperature of Jacob's skin after he became a werewolf?
  10. How do you spell Bella's child's name?1
  11. How many vampires are mentioned in Breaking Dawn?

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